Brad Avakian (D-OR-1)

Brad Avakian Congressional Candidate, Oregon District 1 Special Election (Primary Candidate)

Brad Avakian Biography from Oregon SOS

Update 09 November 2011: ***Unofficial results for primary 5,870 votes or 7.92 percent. Click here for Results***

Brad Avakian

Democrat (DEM)

Occupation: As Oregon’s Commissioner of Labor and Industries, cracked down on corporations that denied workers fair wages and safe working conditions

Occupational Background: Washington County civil rights attorney

Educational Background: OSU, B.S.; Lewis and Clark Law School, J.D.

Prior Governmental Experience: As State Senator and Representative, helped ban predatory payday lenders from charging 500% interest and made Oregon a leader in green jobs.

Community: Founding board member of Emerge Oregon, which helps women run for office; Founding co-chair, Washington County Oregon League of Conservation Voters; President, Southwest Music School.
Bringing change to Washington
While Washington politicians answer to Wall Street and Tea Party extremists, Oregonians are struggling. I’ll end billions in giveaways to bankers to create jobs for middle class families by investing in infrastructure and making college more affordable.
Brad Avakian

Putting Oregon to work
“Brad Avakian restored career education to Oregon’s public schools and oversaw the training of thousands of apprentices.”
Dick O’Connor, Oregon Building Congress

Ensuring women’s right to healthcare
“Brad Avakian required insurers to cover birth control and breast cancer screenings, protected domestic violence victims and defends every woman’s right to choose.”
Elizabeth Newhall, M.D., Founder, EveryWoman’s Health Clinic

Protecting Medicare and Social Security
“Seniors support Brad Avakian. He’ll fight Republican plans to end Medicare and make harmful cuts to Social Security and Medicaid.
Labor Commissioner Mary Wendy Roberts

Educating our children
“Brad Avakian has always fought to protect school funding and restore music, art and P.E.”
Jada Pearson, Beaverton Kindergarten Teacher

Closing unfair tax loopholes
” Brad Avakian will eliminate tax breaks for corporations that send jobs overseas, making him labor’s best choice.”
Jeff Smith, International Longshore and Warehouse Union

Avakian’s supporters include:
Metro President Tom Hughes
Secretary of State Bill Bradbury
Washington County Commissioner Greg Malinowski
Multnomah County Chair Beverly Stein
Clatsop County Commissioner Peter Huhtala
Astoria Council President Arline LaMear
Washington County Police Officer’s Association
Laborers’ International Union

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