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Glenn Addison


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Marshall Glenn Addison

Glenn Addison Senatorial Candidate Texas


Biography of Glenn Addison from Glenn Addison Senate Campaign

Glenn Addison is a 50 year old small-businessman from Magnolia, 40 miles NW of Houston. Glenn and his wife of 28 years, Lorie, are the owners of two funeral homes and small cemeteries in Magnolia and Spring, Texas. Lorie and Glenn attend Woodland Oaks Church of Christ and have two grown children.

Glenn has been a small business owner since he was 26. He has experienced, first-hand, all aspects of surviving in a hostile business environment made increasingly difficult by the Federal Government’s destructive regulation of the market. Glenn has also seen the heavy hand of Federal interference in education while serving the past 15 years on the Magnolia I.S.D. school board.

Glenn’s campaign centers around his message of restoring the U.S. Constitution as supreme law of the land. In order for this to be achieved, we must repeal vast amounts of destructive Federal legislation and eliminate unconstitutional departments and agencies. Glenn believes that it is crucial that state sovereignty be restored as the Federal Government, in its arrogance, has forgotten who created whom. We must restore “federalism” as it was originally intended: recognizing the sovereignty of the states and the very limited role of the Federal Government.

Glenn has performed well in various straw polls around the state: resulting in 1st place finish in some, 2nd or 3rd place in the others. Glenn also came in 2nd place out of 10 in the recent statewide Saddle Up Texas Straw Poll at Minute Maid Park in Houston. In a field of 10 candidates – several of which are establishment, career politicians – it is clear that Glenn Addison’s message is resonating with Conservatives around the state. Glenn believes the people of Texas are ready for a grassroots Senator who will work for “we the people”.

Glenn is the only candidate who has pledged, in the spirit of the founding fathers, to serve one term of six (6) years and come back to his day job. He will not sign up for the lavish pension or healthcare that the Senate has provided for themselves. He will go to serve, not to “feed at the trough”. Glenn believes the people of Texas are fed up with career politicians and lawyers holding the vast majority of seats in the U.S. Senate. With the economy doing so poorly, he believes it is essential that a constitutionalist with business experience represent the people of Texas.

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