Pat Garcia (R-CA-46)

Pat Garcia Candidate for California Congressional District 46

Biography of Pat Garcia

Biography from Pat Garcia for Congress Committee

Below is from the campaign website…

Why am I running for Office?

I am a small businessman who is NOT a politician. I believe voters are ready for a representative in Washington who understands that government is part of the problem; that it needs to get out of the way of the free market and let us get back to earning our own prosperity. I agree that “The textbook definition of insanity is doing the same old thing and expecting a different result”. I offer the voters a real choice.

I can no longer sit on the sidelines while our great country decays around us and our citizens grow ever more demoralized. I have watched as Government has grown bigger and more intrusive. I have watched as our elected leaders tell us what we want to hear, but go to Washington and do as they like. Meanwhile a proliferation of inefficient Government regulations and bureaucracies erode away at the very fabric of our businesses, our communities, our homes and our families. I am compelled to step up and serve my Country. It is my civic duty, my responsibility as a citizen, a father and a husband.

Pat Garcia is a family man and small business owner who has resided in Orange County much of his life. He is co-founder of Beach Pacific Escrow, Inc., a Huntington Beach Independent Escrow Company, and has been on the front lines since 1990 advocating for those small businesses that make up a large portion of the Licensed Independent Escrow Industry in California, serving at the trade association and on the Board of the Escrow Agents Fidelity Corporation which insures consumers’ funds.

We must fight the fight for our children, for us, for the world – for if we fail and fall there will be no safe haven, no one to set the standard, no one to show the way.

- Pat Garcia


  1. Pat Garcia

    I am on the ballot for California Congressional District 46. The number before redistricting was 47. My democratic opponent will be Loretta Sanchez a politician who calls herself a Blue Dog Democrat but votes virtually identically to Nancy Pelosi, very Liberal. Loretta Sanchez, according to OnTheIssues web site is rated by her voting record as a Hard-Core Liberal and she usually votes the party line especially when it counts. Is there an acronym for Blue Dog Democrat in name only? I’m going with “BDDINO”

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