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Charles Bailey


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Charles Boileau Bailey

Charles Bailey Congressional Candidate Maryland District 6


Biography of Charles Bailey from Charles Bailey for Congress

  • Graduated from Boonsboro H.S., 1978
  • Veteran, Army National Guard. Combat Medic supporting 29th Infantry (Light) Division, 1983-1989
  • Graduated: BA University of Virginia, 1990
    JD George Mason University School of Law, Inc., 1994
  • Assistant Public Defender, felony jury trial lawyer Circuit Court for Washington County for five years.
  • Leaving early February to dedicate time to campaign, and to starting the private practice of law in Hagerstown and Frederick.
  • Lives on the side of a mountain in Western Maryland with six-year old son.
  • Single parent of two wonderful sons, one of whom is grown.
  • Heats with a woodstove because the cost heating oil is too high, and rises every year.

I live in Dargan, south of Sharpsburg, in the beautiful Potomac Valley. Just a few miles up valley is the site of the battle of Sharpsburg, or Antietam, September 1862.

At the end of every August, beginning of every September every year, hundreds and thousands of crows fly in and roost among the trees here. Legend has it the crows return here every year because they feasted so well at Antietam 150 years ago this September.

When I was a kid at Boonsboro High School, these valleys were full of folks who had good paying, full time, benefits providing jobs in places like Alcoa, Mack Truck, Volvo, Fairchild, and the Williamsport Tannery (we still buy leather interiors for our cars, its just that they now are made in Mexico).

Through the neglect of our leadership, and their promoting the interests of the wealthy elite, most of those jobs are long gone through free trade agreements and the like. When our children grow up they must move away to find work, or stay at home, living off the retirement of their parents or grandparents.

Now, our leadership is cutting into Social Security and Medicare, as well.

This is insanity. To vote again for the establishment candidates (of any party) is insanity. We must change the thinking in Washington. We must change our representation in Congress. If not, then at this rate we will be leaving this beautiful valley to the crows.

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