Email Blast V Robinson NC08: Vernon Robinson Opposes Lumbee Tribe Full Federal Recognition

Vernon Robinson (R-NC-8)


Date:  March 2, 2012

Vernon Robinson Opposes Lumbee Tribe Full Federal Recognition

Concord, NC – Vernon Robinson, conservative candidate for Congress in NC-8, is the only District 8 candidate standing against full federal recognition of the Lumbee Tribe. In a GOP debate last week in Concord, Vernon Robinson was the only candidate, among the five, who said he would not support full federal recognition for the Lumbees.  Vernon Robinson was interviewed earlier this week by Bob Shiles of the Robesonian newspaper in Lumberton.

Robinson’s stand differs from that of all other GOP contenders for District 8, who side with current Democrat Congressman Larry Kissell on the issue.

“Essentially tribal recognition is reparation benefits for sins committed during the 19th century,” Robinson, of Concord, said. “We should not be handing out group-based benefits in the 21st century. This is bad public policy.”

According to the Robesonian, “The Lumbee Tribe has been recognized by the state of North Carolina since 1885. In 1956, the group received federal recognition but was not granted the financial benefits received by other federally recognized tribes.  Full federal recognition of the tribe would mean federal dollars for housing, education, health care and economic development programs to serve tribal members.”

To view the entire story in the Robesonian, please click the link below:

To hear Vernon Robinson explain his policy position on full federal recognition of the Lumbee Tribe (during the Cabarrus County Republican Women’s GOP debate on February 21), go to 55:40 of the audio clip link below.  The applause ends at 56:46.

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  1. Silverman.R

    Finally a politician willing to take a public stand against groups seeking to rail in Casino benefits from sovereignty and recognition that are not Treaty based and not able to irrefutably even proove they come from native Americans,the lumbees have petetiioned 2 un-sucessful times for a congressional bill to make them Cherokee Indians which all failed,and at first signing a petition to congress claiming to be “The Lost Colony” without any real evidence which also failed before congress,then switched to Siouan Indians,they cant seem to keep their story or History straight and have No Indian customs,no Indian language,no Indian names or place names or relegion,yet cclaim to be a sovereign Indian nation worthy of federal benefits at the cost of over $800 million every 4 years for eternity,and their so-caleed self identified tribal source rolls are not connected to any tribe whatsoever but connected to “Mulattos in the Robeson area, since when has the word mulatto common used to refer to african american and european unions in the past been a synonym for Native American,It sounds a little far fetched for lumbee having no indian language and culture to claim ots 60,000 members are indigenous with an inconsistant past and contraversial story. i applaud this man for taking a stand and would get my vote!!! Imndian benefits belong to reservation peoples and those who were removed and treaty based Indians.positive real proof.CASINO interest seem to rule the rest of thiose candidates.


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