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Michael Champion


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Michael Champion Independent Senatorial Candidate Texas


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“I became a medical specialist in the Army and worked in a variety of settings that would be formative in my future. I used the G.I. Bill to attend college and secure a brighter future. After graduation, I went back into the Army to serve as a medical officer, again in a variety of locations and deployments. From there I have earned two Associates degrees, a bachelor’s degree, two masters degrees and finally at the age of 50 a doctoral degree in health sciences. My strengths lie in the fact that I have lived in many of the places that our current Congress have only read about or been briefed on. My focus has been on healthcare my whole life and how to provide it to people. The great secret that never gets talked about when we speak about the high costs of healthcare delivery is the millions and perhaps billions of dollars that are added in every year for malpractice expenses. Texas handled that problem several years ago with great success.

One of the enumerated powers set forth in the U.S. Constitution directly addresses our need for an Army and Navy. As such, we are breaking faith with those who currently serve and those who did serve honorably and faithfully. There are calls from many Republicans and Democrats alike to balance this out of control budget on the backs of our veterans. Where’s the call for reduction in welfare payments and even congressional perks? It is beyond belief in my opinion that we dishonor those who have served this country under arduous and dangerous circumstances only to be discarded by the politicians who would be unable to hold their power without the sacrifice of these brave Americans.

Since I retired from the Army, I’ve been caring for many people in many different settings and can attest to the impact that healthcare have upon all of us. There is much that the federal government has done to improve access for all Americans, but they have overstepped their constitutional authority in creating a leviathan that threatens our economic well-being. An observation regarding any legislation that has passed of late is this; why does it take two thousand pages to create any legislation if not to the benefit of the legal profession, the lobbyists and the current and former politicians who write this? Is it not time for politicians to actually represent the interests of those who purport to serve? I believe it is. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome. How many more lawyers do you want in Congress?

I am passionate about how this nation treats its veterans. There are many caring people out there who know the price of freedom, and it is indeed NOT free. Someone paid that bill and we are obligated to care for them when they are injured and aged. Efforts to reduce budgetary constraints on the backs of men and women who have done what this nation has asked of them are criminal in my book.

I currently live in San Antonio, Texas and I am active in providing medical care to our local citizens and I continue to serve the State of Texas through the Texas State Guard. Many of you who live in the Rio Grande Valley know of the annual Operation Lone Star that partners the Texas state guard with many other agencies within the State of Texas to provide healthcare. I believe that this is what Pres. Kennedy meant when he challenged us to “ask what can you do for your country”.

I am a life-member of the NRA, life-member of the VFW, member of the American Legion, life-member of the Society of Physician Assistants, distinguished fellow of the American Academy of Physician Assistants, member of the Texas Academy of Physician Assistants, member of the Association of Operating Room Nurses as well as many others.”

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