Seth Hollist (L-TX)

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Seth Hollist


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Seth Hollist Congressional Candidate Texas District 32


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“Texas Congressional District 32 is where I live, where I worship, and where I work. I have been driving nearly the entire length of it, from Wylie to Addison and back, on an almost daily basis (and not on the toll roads either), for about 4 years now. Most businesses I visit frequently are also within the district boundaries. I’ve been living here and getting to know people who also live here for many years. I believe I can boldly speak for them as their humble servant and representative.” – Seth Hollist

  • Seth has been involved with a number of political campaigns, and also served as a Salt Lake County delegate in 2002-2003 during which he worked closely with Morgan Philpot to help him get re-elected to his Utah State Legislature Office. He has a great deal of experiance around campaigning and the political process.
  • Seth is a hobbyist writer and currently publishes for the on-line news agency as the Collin County Independent Examiner. He also has a long-standing personal blog that he still maintains.
  • Seth is a husband, married 9 years, and a father of 3 young kids; all of whom he loves very much, and works hard to help insure they have a home, food, and great potential for the future.
  • Seth volunteers at and makes regular donations to his church. Some of his more recent responsibilities have included: teaching Sunday School classes for 10-12 year olds; serving as Secretary of a Priesthood Quorum; and serving as the Ward Membership Clerk.
  • Seth has also enjoyed off-roading in his 4×4 truck, studying the Constitution, building and hosting his own web-sites, helping others with theirs, regularly writing his representatives, and many other things throughout his life.


Seth Hollist believes in:

  • Small, Constitutionally bound, federal government; Greatly reducing federal regulations; Eliminating unconstitutional mandates and bureaucracies; Fiscally responsible federal government spending;
  • Sunset/Re-authorization requirements in all bills; Bills that stick to their subjects; Reading the bills before voting;
  • Improved representation of the people by increasing the size of the U.S. House; Changing the election process; Keeping them close to home by utilizing technology;
  • Sound monetary practices via ridding The Federal Reserve of its government mandated and protected monopoly – creating real banking competition; Putting congress back in the business of provided Constitutionally required monitary standards;
  • A smaller, more reasonably sized, and better-focused military; Ending the undeclaired and unconstitutional “War on Terror” and “War on Drugs”;

And personal liberty and freedom.

And plans to accomplish this by promoting: “The Clean Slate and Improving Representation Amendment“.