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Benny Perez


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Benjamin “Benny” Perez

Benny Perez Congressional Candidate Texas District 15


Biography of Benny Perez from OneIn

Benjamin Perez was born in Weslaco, TX, raised in between the city of Mercedes and a “small town” called La Villa, which actually translates in English to “small town”. La Villa was the place where Benjamin learned how to appreciate friends and family, which he believes should be highest priority in our lives. His father the strongest and smartest man he knows, his mother, a caring and faithful heart. Benjamin’s older brother and younger sister are two of his best friends. Like many American families, Benjamin’s extended family and grandmother also played an important role in shaping the person who he became, but it was his cousin LT.


As a student and athlete at La Villa, Benjamin was reinforced with the values that his family and church raised him such as faith, hard work, respect, patriotism, and a strong commitment to family and community. While earning his undergraduate degree in Social Studies, Benjamin started as an employee and then eventually a school board member at La Villa Independent School District. After obtaining his Master’s degree in Educational Leadership, Ben has continued working as a Special Education teacher at La Joya Independent School District and has gained a great respect for all involved in the educational process: teachers, employees, paraprofessionals, administrators, board members, but most of all the students, parents, and community.Education can continue to improve for the better but we need to get “BACK TO THE BASICS.” Among these basic values are mutual respect, motivation, locally initiated training, accountability, community interaction, patriotism, and stronger bonds between educators and parents. Benjamin believes that some of the ills in education are a reflection of the problems in our community and culture, but educators in conjunction with the local community are and can become an even greater agent of change in America. Together getting “BACK TO THE BASICS,” we can secure a stronger future for America. “LET’S GET BACK TO THE BASICS.”