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Hal Rogers, Congressman District 5

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Harold Dallas “Hal” Rogers

Hal Rogers, 2016 Congressional Candidate Kentucky District 5


Biography of Hal Rogers from House.gov

[2012 Bio]  Serving Kentucky’s 5th Congressional District since 1981, Hal Rogers is currently in his 16th term representing the people of southern and eastern Kentucky, and is the longest serving Kentucky Republican ever elected to federal office. Focused on economic development, job creation, fighting illegal drug use and preserving the natural treasures of Appalachia, Rogers has a reputation for listening to his constituents and fighting for the interests of the region where he was raised. Nationally, as Chairman of the powerful House Appropriations Committee, his focus is on reducing the size and scope of the government by reining in federal spending, conducting rigorous but thoughtful oversight of federal agencies, and restoring fiscal discipline and transparency to our budget process.


Born in rural Kentucky and representing one of the poorest Congressional Districts in the nation, Rogers’ vision for a stronger region spurred some of the greatest success stories in southern and eastern Kentucky. Organizations such as PRIDE, Operation UNITE, Southeast Kentucky Economic Development (SKED), and TOUR Southern and Eastern Kentucky (TOUR SEKY) have brought local communities together by revitalizing the environment, providing hope in the fight against drugs, building small businesses, and creating jobs by increasing tourism in one of the most beautiful regions of the country.


Throughout Rogers’ 29-year tenure on the Appropriations Committee, he has served on eight different subcommittees, including leadership roles as Chairman or Ranking Member of three. Rogers was tapped in 2003 to lead the newly established Subcommittee on Homeland Security. Through this important role, Rogers fought to ensure our first responders received the funds necessary to protect against terrorist threats; demanded tough answers from FEMA in the wake of federal responses to wildfires, hurricanes and flash floods; and insisted on enforcement of our country’s immigration laws and stronger border security. Due in large part to his reputation for tough oversight and tenacity in holding federal agencies and Department heads accountable for excessive spending and growth, Rogers was selected as Chairman of the full House Appropriations Committee at the beginning of the 112th Congress. In his first year as Chairman, Rogers has led the Congress to reduce discretionary spending by an historic amount, cutting nearly $95 billion in discretionary spending compared to 2010 numbers. Rogers has also restored a culture on the Committee for serious budget oversight and transparency in process.


Whether Rogers is on Capitol Hill ensuring the appropriate use of taxpayer dollars, fighting to secure the homeland, scrutinizing federal government agencies, or home in southern and eastern Kentucky working to make a difference in the lives of the individuals he represents, Rogers remains committed to being a strong voice in Congress for fiscal responsibility, economic development, a strong national defense, and a prosperous future for America.


Quick Facts


Rogers was married to Shirley McDowell Rogers for 37 years until her death in 1995. Together, they raised three grown children, Anthony, Allison and John. Rogers remarried to Cynthia Doyle Rogers in May 1999.


Current Home
Somerset, Kentucky


December 31, 1937, Wayne County Kentucky


Attended Ramsey and Monticello public schools
Graduated Wayne County High School, 1955
B.A., University of Kentucky, 1962
LL.B., University of Kentucky Law School, 1964


Honorary Degrees
Morehead State University
Cumberland College
Lincoln Memorial University
Lindsey Wilson College
Pikeville College
Union College
Coastal Carolina University


Kentucky and North Carolina National Guard, 1957-1964


Political Affiliation




Committee Assignments
House Appropriations Committee (Chairman)
House Republican Steering Committee


Previous Committee Assignments
House Energy and Commerce Committee (1981-1982)
House Budget Committee (1987-1992)


Congressional Caucus Membership
A congressional caucus is a group of members interested in the pursuit of common legislative goals and ideals. Rogers is proud to serve on the following caucuses:


Congressional Caucus on Prescription Drug Abuse, Co-Founder and Co-Chair
As a long-time advocate for multi-tiered solutions to the ever-growing epidemic that has wrought havoc on communities large and small, Rogers co-founded the Congressional Caucus on Prescription Drug Abuse with Congresswoman Mary Bono Mack. This caucus aims to unite like-minded policy-makers in raising awareness of abuse, while working towards innovative and effective policy solutions incorporating treatment, prevention, law enforcement and research.


Congressional Coal Caucus
This bi-partisan caucus was created to promote awareness of the country’s most abundant and affordable supply of energy, the hundreds of thousands of American jobs dependent on the industry, and the new technologies on the horizon to make coal use cleaner and safer. Rogers has long supported the responsible, safe and efficient mining and use of coal, as nearly one-third of all the coal mines in the country are in Kentucky, more than in any other State, making coal a vital component of southern and eastern Kentucky’s economy. Today, the Fifth Congressional District is home to nearly 500 mining operations and over 17,000 mine operators and contractors. Thousands of additional jobs are directly tied to the industry in the region. The Commonwealth gets over 90% of its electricity from coal, keeping rates affordable for families and industry.


Congressional Sportsmen Caucus
Founded in 1989, this bi-partisan caucus aims to maintain and increase the public’s engagement and participation in outdoor activities, particularly hunting, fishing, and shooting sports. The caucus promotes policies and legislative initiatives that protect the rights of hunters, trappers and anglers (particularly those guaranteed under the Second Amendment).


Congressional Pro-Life Caucus
Rogers has been unwavering in his protection of the rights of the unborn. This caucus provides Members with timely information about pro-life issues in pending legislation and coordinates with pro-life groups around the country.


Congressional Rural Caucus and Congressional Rural Health Caucus
The bi-partisan Congressional Rural Caucus keeps members informed about issues and legislation affecting rural districts, with a particular emphasis on rural healthcare, education, and agriculture. Given the recent attention paid to health care policy, the Congressional Rural Health Caucus focuses more narrowly on developments pertinent to rural hospitals and health care providers.


National Guard and Reserve Caucus
Our nation is a safer place because of the sacrifices our brave men and women in uniform have made. As a former member of the Kentucky National Guard, Rogers has always supported programs that serve their best interests. The National Guard and Reserve Caucus places a particular emphasis on issues facing our men and women serving in this capacity.


Congressional Caucus to Fight and Control Meth
The bi-partisan Congressional Caucus works to educate Members of Congress, their staff and the American public about the growing lethal threat that meth abuse and production poses to all facets of our communities. Rogers is committed to stopping meth use and production by directing congressional attention to the growing meth epidemic.


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