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Andre Nigel Barnett

Andre Barnett, Reform Party Candidate for President of the United States of America: see Ken Cross (Ref-VP)


Biography of Andre Barnett from Andre Barnett 2012

Andre N. Barnett is a true patriot who obtained his American dreams through the core principles on which this country was established: life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. His participation in the military exemplifies his loyalty and commitment to this country. His Faith in God, family, education, hard work, unity and the opportunities that this great nation offers, gave Mr. Barnett the conviction and love that he has for his country today. He desires to give back to this nation the liberties that endowed him to achieve his dreams as a successful soldier, businessman, small business owner, body builder and sought after fitness model appearing in many publications throughout the world. Through Military and business exploits Andre Barnett traveled the globe and lived in various countries. This gave him the opportunity to study and monitor other governments,health care systems, tax systems, educational programs as well as military activities.

Andre Nigel Barnett was born on Wednesday June 2nd 1976, to Terry and Brenda Barnett in Zanesville, OH. Andre has one sibling, his sister, LaTanya. As a child, Andre always believed that God had a plan for him. As a youth, he was known for his talents in the creative and fine arts. He completed courses in music as well as acting. Andre also played football and ran track. Mr. Barnett was classically trained and mentored in music by James McLaughlin. Andre soon became a star pupil and was offered a full scholarship to Oberlin School of Music. However, he turned down the scholarship opportunity and accepted a scholarship at Austin Peay State University. There, he studied Academics, Music and pursued Sports during his collegiate stay. Not completing his degree at Austin Peay State, he later entered Western Governors University to complete a degree in Information Technology with an emphasis on security.

In 1996, Andre decided to enter the military serving in the US Army. Reflecting back on the years served in the military, a young Andre surmised his course was set in stone. He would serve this nation as a career soldier. Hindsight being 20/20, this was not the case. In 2000, he was chaptered out of the military due to an injury resulting from a UH-60 (Blackhawk) helicopter incident. This injury required multiple surgeries that were not successful in repairing the injury. Andre was told he would not be able to do pushups, let alone lift weights, his favorite pastime. Refusing to believe something could not be done, Andre Barnett purposed in his heart this would not be the case. 256 lbs and totally out of shape at this point, Mr. Barnett began a regiment of self therapy and reconditioning. Within 3 years Mr. Barnett claimed the title fitness model while simultaneously starting the company WiseDome, Inc. Within 7 years Mr. Barnett was one of NY’s top fitness models and was also working with various federal agencies and corporations providing information technology services to them. This shows Andre Barnett is willing to look adversity in the eye and fight the tough battles.

Through his military and civilian support experience, he formed friendships and alliances with many of his superiors. The relationship and respect earned from others during time is a rare gem among political figures. After leaving the military, he continued to serve alongside the US Armed Forces, CIA, FBI, NATO and various other organizations in the information technology field on various fronts throughout the former Yugoslavia and the Middle East.

In 2001, Andre Barnett Founded WiseDome Incorporated, an IT company that provides Information Technology and Data Recovery Services. The company lay dormant for many years as Barnett lived up to his motto “I will never send any employee to any location I have never been, or would never go.” He has never believed in putting lives in unnecessary danger. Andre is admired by many for his “Lead by example” philosophy. Today, WiseDome, Inc is currently operating and continues to be a successful Company. Andre Barnett has also had working relationships with Management Technologies International, Sprint, Northrop Grumman, and General Dynamics.

After much consideration and prayer, Andre Barnett decided to throw his hat into the political arena after realizing that the political divides in our nation will not aid in sustaining this country. He understands that America needs to set a new and better course in order to survive as a free nation. He has vowed to no longer stand by and watch this great country continue to be led by corporate bureaucracy for their profit and political gain. Barnett has endeavored to uphold and restore the original principles that were established by our forefathers that made the United States of America the greatest nation on this planet. He is passionate about The United States of America continuing the legacy of world leadership by example, by faith in God and our traditional American values. His solution is one of truth, fairness and faith. Our country was built on faith and values and through these, we can do all things. Andre Barnett, a classic human portrait of the American Dream, an American Success story, and a true leader.