Kenneth Crider (R-MI)

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Kenneth Crider


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Kenneth E. Crider

Kenneth Crider 2012 Special Election Congressional Candidate Michigan District 11


Biography of Kenneth Crider from Facebook

As a lifelong resident of the 11th Congressional District, it would be my greatest honor to represent the area in which I grew up and where I continue to live.


I am a common man with common sense.


As your representative I would do my best to promote the 11th District as a great place to live and do buisiness. I will also make it known that our area has an immense talent pool with wonderful institutions for higher learning. I know that if elected I would initially be in office for only a short time, but within that time I hope to show the American people that a common person can do well in office without a giant organization behind them. While in office, you will have my undivided attention and I will be proud to represent your views.