Pablo Olivera (Ind-NJ-8)

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Pablo Olivera


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Pablo Olivera 2014 Congressional Candidate New Jersey District 8


Biography of Pablo Olivera from Google Profiles

[2012 Bio]  I came to the U.S. in July 1974 with my mother and my sister. We arrived and stayed in Newark, NJ 07104 ever since.


I was a 9th grade drop out of the Newark Public schools. After I left school I went to work. I realized how difficult it was to make a living without an educational degree and the mistake I made in leaving school. So I decided to go and get my GED while still working to help support myself and my mom. I worked from 12am-8am in a warehouse and I went to school in an Adult Learning Center at 380 Broad Street in Newark from 9am-1pm. Soon I received my GED and decided that I needed to go to college.


I went to Essex County College for about a 1yr. 1/2 then, I transferred to Montclair State University. I graduated from MSU with a bachelors degree of Science in Biology and Chemistry. Afterwards, I attended Rutgers University and I received a Masters in Public Administration. I also attended St. Peter’s College and I received a Masters in School Administration.


My dream was to become a physician. I attended New York College of Medicine I completed 2yrs; then I transferred to Cleveland, Ohio College of Medicine were I completed 1 and ½. I did not complete my Medical Degree because of family reasons. I had to return to home because I had a son who was diagnosed with Autism. I was needed to work to help support my family along with providing extra time and care for the special needs of my son, which made completing my degree impossible.


Since then my family has grown and I became a teacher. I have worked in the Newark Public Schools for over 23 years. Currently I am a teacher at Dr. Horton’s Elementary School in Newark, NJ where I teach bilingual students.


I have lived in Newark for over 36 years and I have raised my family here. My wife and I have raised a family with 5 children. I also taught some of the children of our community so I know first hand the needs of community: families, seniors, students and teachers. I know the needs of the Northward and I wish to make a difference to make the situation bearable for the community in these trying times. I wish to unite the community to so that together we can make a difference and fix the mistakes of the past for a better present and future.


Biography of Pablo Olivera from Project Vote Smart

[2014 Bio]



ME, Administration/ Supervision, Saint Peter’s College, 2001
Attended, Ohio College of Medicine, 1990
Attended, New York College of Medicine, 1989
MPA, Health Administration, Rutger’s University, 1989
BS, Biology/Chemistry, Montclair State University, 1986


Political Experience

Candidate, New Jersey State Senate, District 29, 2013
Candidate, United States Senate, 2013
Candidate, United States House of Representatives, District 8, 2012
Candidate, New Jersey State Senate, District 29, 2003


Caucuses/Non-Legislative Committees

Director, United Independent Party of New Jersey, Incorporated, 2011-present


Professional Experience

Teacher, Belleville Public Schools, 1992-present
General Manager, Oswald Dental Lab, Incorporated, 1986-present


Past Campaign/Office Links

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