Dick Cheney unchained, calls Barack Obama unmitigated disaster

Fresh off life saving surgery which gave him a new heart, former Vice President Dick Cheney wasted no time shedding the hospital gown for a sports coat, in order to lambaste current occupant of the White House, Barack Obama.

Walking onstage unaided, appearing strong and healthy, Dick Cheney was able to give a talk for over an hour to a gathering of the State Convention in Cheyenne Wyoming.

He sat on a chair as he chatted with his Daughter Liz Cheney talking about various subjects from his health to concerns for the country under the leadership of President .

He said “I won’t be running any foot races yet, but it won’t be long” to the crowd of approximately 300, who gave him a long standing ovation. He added “he owed a huge debt to the unknown donor of his new heart and to medical technology”.

Ed Farnan: An American with Irish roots living in . Took an interest in when took an interest in me. Follow Ed on Twitter also catch his regular post on Irish Central


Vice President Cheney didn’t wade into the wonders of Americas present health care system that makes miraculous cures to once fatal illnesses commonplace and how he thinks will change all of that. That will be dealt with in upcoming speeches as he gets his strength back. But he did wade into the Presidents handling of our country and in his typical fashion, didn’t mince words:

“He has been an unmitigated disaster to the country,” referring to President Obama. “I can’t think of a time when I felt it was more important for us to defeat an incumbent President today with respect to Barack Obama. I think he has been an unmitigated disaster to the country.” “I think to be in a position where he gets four more years in the White House to continue the policies he has, both with respect to the economy, and policy, and defense and some other areas would be a huge, huge disappointment.”

Vice President Cheney also waded into GOP politics and called for a uniting behind presumptive nominee Mitt Romney saying: “He (Romney) is going to do a ‘whale of a job.” “It has never been more important than now to defeat a sitting president and the Republican Party should unite behind Romney.”

It wasn’t long ago Dick Cheney was in a medically induced coma for over a month as Doctors worked on his frail heart, while attaching him to a machine that would forever be a part of his life if he was to survive. During an interview he was asked if he had any memories of that time while he hovering near death and he responded: “I never knew I was in a coma, I thought I was at an Italian Villa the whole time enjoying life.”

Many people who go through the health challenges and near death experiences Dick Cheney has, mellow to turn to other pursuits and Mr. Cheney still loves to fly fish the great trout streams near his home in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. But as Mr. Cheney recovers from this latest health challenge, I see him fired up more than ever to see the country he loves set in a good strong direction. Dick Cheney is just starting to roll up his sleeves and get back in the battle to retake our country.

Current American medical care is the best in the world, look at the medical miracle we have with Vice President Cheney.

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Author: Ed Farnan

Ed Farnan: An American with Irish roots living in California. Took an interest in politics when politics took an interest in me.Follow Ed on Twitter @EDinCali also catch his regular post on Irish Central http://www.irishcentral.com/story/news/from-the-right/

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