Tea Party of Louisiana Endorses Bob Hensgens

April 20, 2011 For Immediate Release
Tea Party of Louisiana Endorses Bob Hensgens for State Representative

Baton Rouge – The Tea Party of Louisiana (TPoL) today announced its endorsement of Bob Hensgens in the upcoming special on April 30th for State Representative in District 47 (Vermilion/Cameron Parishes). Bob Hensgens is currently the of Gueydan, LA.

“The Tea Party of Louisiana is proud to endorse Bob Hensgens,” Tea Party of Louisiana Spokesman Bob Reid said. “Bob Hensgens has already demonstrated his adherence to fiscal conservatism by balancing the budget of Gueydan without raising taxes,” added Reid. “We need more strong leaders, like Mayor Hensgens, in our State Capitol to balance the Louisiana budget by helping make spending cuts,” said Reid.

The Tea Party of Louisiana chose to endorse Hensgens because he was able to balance the budget of Gueydan by cutting spending, rather than raising taxes. In fact, he even cut his own salary to give the police officers a much deserved pay raise. As a State Representative, Hensgens has also pledged to fight the so-called “Cigarette ”, that will be proposed by typical “-to-Spend” in this upcoming session, to balance the budget.

“As a small business man and farmer, Bob Hensgens understands that the best thing the can do to make the economy strong is to get out of the way of the private sector,” said Bob Reid.
Reid went on to say, “We think Bob Hensgens’ own words backed by his record of putting his words into action clearly illustrate why the TPoL are fully behind him and are excited to endorse him. As follows:

“I find it absurd that legislators, both in Washington and in our own State Capitol, can’t seem to balance their respective budgets. In fact, the $1.6 Billion shortfall being faced in Baton Rouge is one thing that motivated me to run for State Representative. I want to be part of the solution.
The government in America has just simply become too big…. We had all had enough! I feel a rebirth in this nation of the founding principles – limited government, personal freedom and property .

I also believe that the state of Louisiana needs to stand up to Washington… States need to remind the Federal Government that they are supposed to be an agent of the States, and not the other way around.

We the People need to remind all level of governments that their powers are derived from us. We lend them OUR power. I am eager to be part of a Louisiana Legislature that stands up to the Federal Government on issues such as and this Oil Drilling Moratorium.”
As a second grader, Bob Hensgens drove the tractor on the farm his family still runs. He went on to build his own successful healthcare management business providing high-quality care for the elderly population of Vermilion and Cameron Parishes.

Bob Hensgens is running for the house seat vacated by Jonathan Perry, another Tea Party backed , who recently won a seat in the Louisiana .

Bob Reid, spokesman
Board of Directors Member
TEA Party of Louisiana, LLC

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