Teaching Wyoming Teenagers America’s Vision & Values

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Teaching Wyoming Teenagers America’s Vision & Values

This was received via email March 1. We sent it to a teacher for comment and would like feed back from others. Use our contact page or comment on Facebook with your thoughts.

The text of the letter is below and the pdf’s that we received are at the bottom of the page.


Dear Officers and Members of our States’ Women’s Republican Clubs:

Please share this and two additional ATTACHMENTS with your Club’s officers, members, and other local community Patriots who might be
interested to learn about this pro-America high school citizenship
education program.

This exciting Social Studies curriculum-enrichment program has been
active in selected high schools throughout the Nation for more than
two decades.

Teachers appreciate the valuable research time this program saves them
in preparing for classroom presentations, and students really like the
multiple discussion/debate opportunities afforded them.

This year we are covering the National election-year process in a
comprehensive and balanced manner. We have been focusing on the
spirited GOP Presidential primary contests the past couple of months.
The coverage will continue right through the Presidential/Congressional
elections in November –and beyond.

Folks can SPONSOR local area high schools OR they can make GENERAL
donations to help defray the on-going expenses that are incurred to keep this exciting activity moving forward.

If you wish to SPONSOR a high school, you do NOT need to contact the
school – we will contact the Social Studies Department Chair directly
and send the monthly resource theme-packets to him/her for sharing
with all Department associates, who will take the material into the

We have found that this is the best way to get the program started
in high schools. Remember that teachers use the materials that are
available “in-house” for immediate use.

If we provide teachers this valuable, strongly academic information,

I hope you and your associates will choose to help us reach & teach
even more of our key high school audience the principles, values and
vision of the Founders of our Republic.

I have over three decades experience – including classroom teaching
in public and private high schools both in the United Statea and abroad, as well as in the United States Signal Corp – in youth
citizenship-education/leadership-development activities, programs
and ogganizations, including fifteen years headquartered in Washington,

I was one of the earliest Reagan-for-President activists, and I was
a Senior Staff member at the National Teenage Republicans ( TARS )
Headquarters in Washington, D. C.

I hope to hear from you ASAP.


Bernard Schriver
Educational/Public-Affairs Consultant

2012-01-20 Sept 2011-Jan 2012 Abstract -EducatorSponsor Message

2012-01-25 Special Teacher Intro + CBS Spirit 1776 Operation 2000+ Sponsor 6 Pp w Return Form&Option

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