Nevada Candidates for POTUS: GOP

Jan 7, 2012 by John Smith

Nevada Candidates for POTUS: GOP

Caucus date:  February 4, 2012

Time:  9 A.M (local time)

See Nevada GOP Caucus more information on locations.

The following candidates have file for the Presidential Caucus. Nevada Republican Party has answers to some commonly asked questions about the caucus here.  December 2, 2012 was the filing deadline for the caucus ballot. Rules state that if a candidate “suspended their candidacy or withdrew from contention, their name would be removed from the ballot and their filing fee forfeited.” Due to that rule Herman Cain and Michele Bachmann will not appear on the ballot.


Newt Gingrich (R-POTUS)

Jon Huntsman (R-POTUS)

Ron Paul (R-POTUS)

Rick Perry (R-POTUS)

Mitt Romney (R-POTUS)

Rick Santorum (R-POTUS)


For Caucus results click here.  (this link will not be active till after results are available.)

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