Ron Paul – Bio

May 4, 2011 by Editor Fred D

Ron Paul – Bio

Updated August 11, 2011

Ron Paul (R-POTUS)

Ron Paul – Bio

From his website, link above:

‘Congressman Ron Paul of Texas enjoys a national reputation as the premier advocate for liberty in politics today. Dr. Paul is the leading spokesman in Washington for limited constitutional government, low taxes, free markets, and a return to sound monetary policies based on commodity-backed currency. He is known among both his colleagues in Congress and his constituents for his consistent voting record in the House of Representatives: Dr. Paul never votes for legislation unless the proposed measure is expressly authorized by the Constitution. In the words of former Treasury Secretary William Simon, Dr. Paul is the “one exception to the Gang of 535″ on Capitol Hill.

Ron Paul was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He graduated from Gettysburg College and the Duke University School of Medicine, before proudly serving as a flight surgeon in the U.S. Air Force during the 1960s. He and his wife Carol moved to Texas in 1968, where he began his medical practice in Brazoria County. As a specialist in obstetrics/gynecology, Dr. Paul has delivered more than 4,000 babies! He and Carol, who reside in Lake Jackson, Texas, are the proud parents of five children and have eighteen grandchildren.

While serving in Congress during the late 1970s and early 1980s, Dr. Paul’s limited-government ideals were not popular in Washington. He served on the House Banking committee, where he was a strong advocate for sound monetary policy and an outspoken critic of the Federal Reserve’s inflationary measures. He also was a key member of the Gold Commission, advocating a return to a gold standard for our currency. He was an unwavering advocate of pro-life and pro-family values. Dr. Paul consistently voted to lower or abolish federal taxes, spending, and regulation, and used his House seat to actively promote the return of government to its proper constitutional levels. In 1984, he voluntarily relinquished his House seat and returned to his medical practice.

Dr. Paul returned to Congress in 1997 to represent the 14th Congressional district of Texas. He serves on the House Financial Services Committee, the International Relations committee, and the Joint Economic Committee. On the Financial Services Committee, Rep. Paul serves as the vice-chairman of the Oversight and Investigations subcommittee. He continues to advocate a dramatic reduction in the size of the federal government and a return to constitutional principles.

Dr. Paul is the author of several books, including Challenge to Liberty; The Case for Gold; and A Republic, If You Can Keep It. He has been a distinguished counselor to the Ludwig von Mises Institute, and is widely quoted by scholars and writers in the fields of monetary policy, banking, and political economy. He has received many awards and honors during his career in Congress, from organizations such as the National Taxpayers Union, Citizens Against Government Waste, the Council for a Competitive Economy, and countless others.

Dr. Paul’s consistent voting record prompted one Congressman to comment that “Ron Paul personifies the Founding Fathers’ ideal of the citizen-statesman. He makes it clear that his principles will never be compromised, and they never are.” Another Congresswoman added that “There are few people in public life who, through thick and thin, rain or shine, stick to their principles. Ron Paul is one of those few.”’

Do you know where you still on the political spectrum? See “Political Beliefs, Where Are You” to find out where you stand.

Update Sept 4, 2011

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  1. Jackie Dorsey

    The only way I seeem to find info on Ron’s campaign is online, why won’t Fox News or the other news medias even mention him. I have been watching Fox for 2 months, I saw 2 polls in the beginning that listed him last. But the last few months they mention everyone else and not Ron Paul. Why is Fox who is supposed to be so fair and balanced not even mentioning him at all, along with the other news medias doing the same?

    • Dennis C

      Here is the latest about Ron Paul and all you really need to know. He cannot win. Let me write it again to be clear. He cannot win. The only thing Ron Paul can accomplish is to help Barak Obama get reelected. He simply cannot appeal to enough independent voters to win the general election against Obama. If Ron Paul somehow miraculously wins the Republican nomination, and he wont but if he does, Obama will be reelected by a historical majority. The best thing for Ron Paul to do would be to go home. Keep in mind, liberals and conservatives will not decide this election. Independents will and Ron Paul will not attract enough of them to win.

      • Wow…you came on this page just to say that??? You must really be scared!!! THERE IS A REVOLUTION GOING ON!!! Visit This is going viral and we will hit Every County in Every State Oct 10, 2011!!!

      • Matt Wahl

        How do you come to the conclusion that independents wont attract to Ron Paul?

        • Terry

          It seems that Dennis C. comes to that conclusion because he easily falls for the demagoging labels that the media uses to steer elections. If they repeat it enough the sheep will fall into line and do as they’re told. Personally I did that in 2008 and voted for McCain even though I didn’t want him to be president – I was just voting against Obama. This time no one gets my vote except Ron Paul. If he doesn’t get the nomination I’ll write him in. I will never again just vote for “the lesser of two evils”. Let the sheep be led if they want to, but I’m voting my principles.

          • Dennis C

            This just makes you a different type of sheep. If Ron Paul is nominated and when Barak Obama gets reelected because of it, don’t complain. You will have helped to make it happen.

            • Charles Transue

              Please go away and take your negativity with you.

      • Actually Ron Paul does very well with independent voters. Among announced and suspected candidates he leads in the “moderate/liberal” and “Republican-leaning Independent” groups. (Gallop) Republicans have a lot to like about his fiscally conservative voting record and the economy is certainly going to be THE subject of the 2012 campaign. He is also able to attract independents and even interest moderate democrats with his views on foreign policy and civil liberties. The fact is that a recent CNN poll showed him as the most likely candidate to defeat Obama among likely Republican candidates.

      • Patrick W.

        Dennis C., how fortunate that I have ran into you here. I have been searching for someone who could tell me “all I need to know”. Now I don’t have to clutter my feeble brain with all those things I don’t need to know.

        Election after election, the American citizens have been voting for weak but well-funded media-picked front runners, with the concept that we can’t vote for the “other guy” because it will allow the opposition to win. The “lesser of two evils” philosophy you promote.

        Tell that to the Texans who have put Dr Paul into federal office 12 terms. 12 Terms. That’s a lot of experience. Does that make him an “insider”? No,, he has held onto his sound principles and unwavering ethics during his terms and during his campaigns. His time and efforts in office actually match his campaign promises. Consistency and steadfast loyalty to his constituency. That’s why he gets re-elected. Voter satisfaction!

        We have a Dr Paul in the House, a Dr Paul in the Senate, isn’t it about time to have a Dr Paul in the Oval Office?

        Or, pick one of two lawyers, as a lesser evil, and play it safe (coughs).

        • Dennis C

          The math does not lie. Ron Paul cannot get elected to the White House. And just because he is elected to represent a district in Texas does not change that reality. Remember, Nancy Pelosi gets reelected to her district every two years also. Does this mean she is going to someday be President. Of course not. Neither she nor Ron Paul can attract enough independent voters to win the Presidency. (and, of course he’s an insider).

          • Terry

            The “math” does lie. It lies alot actually. It’s called an upset. Whenever someone wins against the mathematical odds, then you could say the math lied and it happens all the time. It really depends on who’s figuring the odds and what they have to gain. Bookies always figure the odds and set a line just enough to encourage gambling participation but still favor the bookie. In politics the “math” is set by the media who tell us who to vote for by using labels like “un-electable” and knowing most of us are gullible to believe it. They have an agenda that is contrary to most Americans’. If you don’t vote the way you’re told you’re said to be wasting your vote. I consider a vote for someone I don’t want to be president a truly wasted vote. If you just want to vote for someone who is electable – vote for Obama – he’s proven electable. If you want to vote for someone whose honor, record, and values deserve election to our highest office – vote for Ron Paul.

          • Patrick W.

            Well Dennis C, I guess it depends on your definition of “insider”. To me, an insider is one who becomes part of the DC Status Quo, following the pack to cater to big industry and those who are pulling the strings in our government.

            Dr Paul is not beholding to any special interests, and his voting record clearly proves that. He represents his constituency, and the American public, even when it goes against the status quo. That status quo and “business as usual” is what has gotten our country so deeply in trouble. It occurs from Democrats and Republicans alike (as shown in the recent extension of the Patriot Act, for 4 more years).

            Yes, Dr Paul is a long shot, but long shot racehorses come in regularly with big pay-offs. If the American people are fed up enough, and tired of the status quo, they may put their vote on the long shot, and enjoy the pay-off in turning things around in this country.

            • Dennis C

              Ron Paul’s philosophy is a good critique and criticism of government but not a philosophy by which to govern and the 6% of people who support him will not get him elected. I have no problem with anyone supporting him, or anyone else but, dont kid yourself that he can win a general election. He cant. If you want Barak Obama reelected, I cant think of a better way than to get Ron Paul the Republican nomination. Obama would crush him.

              • Bobby Spicer SR

                Actually I think Idea wise especially on a national level Ron Paul could crush the out of left field Obama you forget that Ron Paul has a record that speaks for him self! Where as Obama has came from no where and got to be president because everyone thought a black guy would bring change, but we got the Status Quo. The only thing he did was authirised them to kill Obama and to tell you the truth the CIA found him its not like Obama actually did it him self. See presidents have aids that help him, the only person speaking change is Ron Paul and Ron Paul should pick a fellow Tea Party Member to be vice president! The current sellection of people can not beat Obama only would Ron Paul. Paul last time was blacked listed by the tea party resulted from that along with a long list of people forming Militia’s. Thats when you know people have had it with the country! They Start to think their votes don’t count people don’t even vote because they say they will just rig it anyways. Obama will be back by large corparations who are not even head quatered in america anymore so that they can dodge paying taxes here… Like Google! We are missing 1.5 Trillion in taxes for the people who funded his campain while they say they are going to need to cut SSI, as they say we are the first to starve, we are the first to serve, we are the first for that pie in the sky! When the bread is shared we are last in line… Think about it. Ron Paul 2012!

          • Marilyn

            Dennis, Ron Paul’s ideas are finally getting the attention they deserve and the American people are listening. Other candidates and Congressmen are copying Dr. Paul’s end the Fed idea. Voters are energized now in a way I have never seen in my lifetime. When the American people are angry, they speak by voting. If 10,000 people who feel the way you do but don’t vote for the “safe” candidate it can make a difference and swing a state. Always vote your mind, not who you think will win. That will make a better America by returning government to the confines of the Constitution.

      • Charles Transue

        How utterly negative – and quite frankly, extremely arrogant!! Who are you to KNOW ANYTHING about what’s going to happen in 2012, with the elections or anything else, for that matter? Even if you’re “psychic”, you still have to take into account that people – individuals and the masses alike – can and do make choices and choose courses that alter the outcome from what is predicted. I understand if you’re just trying desperately to avoid disappointment, but why don’t you do that on your own time? MUST you take time to rain on everyone else’s parade?

      • It is to bad to hear the pessimism in your post.

        Remember, “All it takes for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing.”

        I am sure you have heard this before but where would the U.S. be now if not for those rebels with common sense to propel the country into a great land with a lot to offer for everyone, not just the greedy few.

        Keep your chin up and persevere. Change does not happen overnight but it does not have to be for the worse either. I refuse to believe that things cannot get better.

    • Michael

      Because Fox News isn’t fair nor is it balanced. At all. It’s not a competent news organization either.

    • Charles Transue

      Fox News is no less a shill for the Powers that Be than are the more “liberal” media outlets. Fox’s right-leaning tendency is only in support of the status quo, and whichever candidate best fulfills that, in their estimation. Make no mistake – there is no such thing as “fair and balanced” reporting. After all; who pays reporter’s salaries? Corporate interests do, that’s who. Corporations – especially the private banking cartels – have so much riding on maintaining their political power base that they regularly manipulate the “news” to suit their agenda. I know this seems like a conspiracy theory, but I promise you I’m not paranoid. I’m hardly the only person on the planet to believe what I’ve shared here.
      On the other hand, nothing causes revolutionary change like a committed group of people, no matter how small and seemingly weak. From that standpoint, it may still be possible for a strong grassroots movement to turn the tide and send the “business as usual” politicians with their corporate money-lined pockets packing. I guess we’ll see!

  2. George Peterson

    Sorry Not this year I’m a “None of the above” Guy but If I had to choose I prefer Romney/Palin Not an Ultra Conservative Liberation Party guy. The best thing Ron Paul can do is to decide which one of the most viable candidates has the best shot to unseat Obama and support them. I don’t care what things are going viral. That just usually means people are interested but not enough to vote. Best wishes all the same.

    • I respectfully disagree with the idea of Romney/Palin. As a born and raised Alaskan, there have been many other better qualified and experienced politicians in office.

      I am curious though as to what the whole plan for the foreign policy and the U.S. would be. I do not see a clear cut plan from S. Palin. I hear loud offhand attempts to spur on revolution for change and that is good, we need change but how and when are not exactly being proclaimed.

  3. John

    I am an Independent and I will be voting for Ron Paul.

    I have always felt very strong about being an independent. It bothers me I couldn’t vote in Primary Elections, but the fact that I had to chose a team to do so bothered me. I am very anti-partisanship because I feel that the chosing of sides has ruined America. If you follow voting in Congress you will notice that most people tend to vote the way their Party is voting. They do not give enough thought or consideration on the topic at hand to represent their constituents in the best possible manner. They vote they way their peers want them to vote, and to me that’s a crime. We elect these individuals to represent us and they seldom do.

    Ron Paul is different. He has always stood for what every American should and would if it was soley up to them. I admire him and wish him the best of luck.

    I will be changing my voting registration to Republican so I can vote for Ron in the primary. I will be changing back to an independent shortly after. Best of luck Ron Paul. It would be the best thing for our country in a horribly great time of need.

    • John,

      Like you, I do not the idea of only having the two parties. I was taught before I was of voting age, to watch the debates, ask questions and look at the person. Then make a decision based on what qualifications were presented. I do not subscribe to either democrat or republican but I have had to vote either way and I have voted for both depending on the actual candidate I was presented with.

      I would like to see people throwing their hat in the ring, a primary of strictly popular voting, the top three vote getters (for example) going on to the actual debate for presidency. I would like to see more debates and less advertising or print ads as these can be skewed. I want to see them on t.v. or in person. See the facial expressions, hear the voice intonation and body language. Then I can make a decision and it is a popular vote without party names and electoral college.

  4. Rod K

    As a long time Ron Paul supporter, I am really interested in more feedback from those who are not, or are skeptical of Ron Paul’s chances in 2012. Not so much as why he can’t win, but more of a personal opinion as to what they are looking for from the peoples representative to our country’s highest office?
    Do they believe warrant-less searches by a militarized police, and improper and humiliating groping at airports makes us safer? Do they believe bombing women and children in a foreign country in hopes of maybe hitting a “bad guy”, who’s angry at us for killing his family in a previous raid, makes us safer? Do most believe spending trillions propping up dictators and corrupt governments while our own people go homeless is a wise investment? Maybe they feel we need to lock up even more people, at billions of dollars a year because they dared to seek some relief from their pain using cannabis? Or maybe we just don’t have enough politicians ensuring that the country’s corporate interests are served, and we need to make sure the Fed continues to devalue our currency to enrich select corporate interests (not to mention foreign banks)? Maybe they can’t wait to be told where, and how much to pay for their health insurance. I’m sure they can set up a convenient direct withdrawal. Maybe they want the comfort of knowing the authorities will clean up the remains of their family for them after their defenseless home is invaded? Or maybe they simply want to live with government telling them what to watch, what to eat, what to hear, what to take, what to believe and what to like and dislike? And I’ve only touched on a few items. Only Ron Paul offers an alternative to all of this insanity.

    The big question is not ‘can he win?’, the question is ‘why on earth would anyone vote for anyone else?’ We’ve all worked hard, we deserve Ron Paul. We’ve tried the others for many, many years. Its time to be free, as we were intended to be.

    • Dennis C

      I read your opinion with interest and I have absolutely no doubt if, by some miracle, Ron Paul were elected, you would want him out by the next election. Why? Because he is not going to come into office with some type of magic wand and make all of the changes you think he will. We do not elect a King. He would have to work with Congress and it is hard to imagine him being able to do that as President. Which is one of the many reasons why he cannot and will not attract enough independent votes to win. But, you are entitled to your opinion.

      • Hank G

        @ Dennis C
        1. An election is not, or at least should not be, a personality horse race. It is an opportunity to express your desire for a set of principles. Only if you have no principles will you vote on personalities because most candidates are selected on silly things like “name recognition”. Except for Ron Paul, all the other candidates have no principles; they spout platitudes that they think the people want to hear and will then vote for them. Those candidates have a low opinion of the people whose vote they want. They cater to the lowest intelligence, and the media accommodates. I guess you follow the media.
        2. If Ron Paul were just to stop the slide into despotism by use of the veto pen, we would be well served. There is no requirement to “work with the Congress”. In fact, that is an element of our problem – too much back-scratching.

      • Charles Transue

        Don’t presume to cloak your negativity in logic.

      • Jerry P

        It would be an incredibly difficult task to come into an office with indipendent ideals, and sway an entire country to back you in taking action. I commend Ron Paul for his willingness to step into that position. I do not have a crystal ball, and do not know who will or won’t have a chance to be elected. What I do have is personal beliefs that run very similar to those of Ron Paul. For that reason, I will support him in 2012.
        If my reasoning behind not supporting him was merely that he couldn’t win, I would be incredibly ashamed to admit that I sacraficed my beliefs in order to join the herd.
        If my reasoning were that he could not be effective once elected, I would lean on the people who put him into office to sway the Congress in the direction they want to see the country go.
        If my reasoning for not voting for Ron Paul were fear that Obama would be re-elected, then I would shamefully conceed that our country had been lost to a failing political system. To vote for something I do not believe in only to prevent the continuation of an existing threat, would be to turn my back on my personal and moral beliefs.
        I value each and every individuals right to their opinion. I sincerely hope that each and everyone who reads this posting will evaluate their reasons for the choices they make, and take a stand for their beliefs. Vote for whom you believe will best represent your personal beliefs and do not bow to the presures of conformity.

  5. Charles Transue

    My one and ONLY concern about Ron Paul is, and always has been, his age. I just don’t want him to die in office and leave the changes his presence in the Oval Office WILL inspire and initiate. Oh, and, Dennis C., I don’t mean to be hard on you; I just don’t like your opinion. Because it is, after all, an OPINION – NOT a FACT.

    • Durian2012

      If Ron Paul Die’s in office then VP Andrew Napolitano will take over…

  6. Mark

    If Ron Paul’s name is on the ballot, I’m marking it! Period…

  7. Merritt

    My question is why would the Tea Party support anyone else besides Ron Paul? If you believe what you say about less government etc., he is the only choice. All of the other conservative candidates are clearly in favor of the status quo. For a group (Tea Party)that claims to see beyond the lies and propaganda, I find it astonishing any of the other candidates are even considered. As far as they guy who keeps saying he is unelectable, well that’s just silly, mathmatically speaking. Obtaining 33% of the vote is easier than obtaining 51%, jeez talk about fuzzy math. Considering the independants indeed decide the vote, how inconceivable is it that if all the independants actually stood behind one person, then some of the Republicans and Democrats jumped ship, that 33% of the vote could not be obtained? The longer people believe the lie that a third party is unelectable, the longer we will only have two (I mean one) party. You gotta free yourself of all the lies, not just some of them. Long live the Tea Party and independant voters.

  8. john matteo

    I still have bumper sticker from 2008 every one said he is not know and will never make it well i never thought that this oboma would make it well now they know
    ron paul I try to tell they that he is the best man for the job now maybe they will
    pay him some mind Ron Paul is what we need…………… johnny



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