Michigan Candidates for POTUS: Dem and GOP

Jan 9, 2012 by TeaPartyCheer

Michigan Candidates for POTUS: Dem and GOP

Candidates for President of The United States

The following candidates did file in Michigan for President. There may be some candidates that are on the ballot that have withdrawn from the race. Those candidates that have a ‘*‘ in front of there name have suspended their campaign or other, see the list below “The Following…”

Democratic Candidates:

Barack Obama (D-POTUS)i

Republican Candidates:

*Michele Bachmann (R-POTUS)

*Herman Cain (R-POTUS)

Newt Gingrich (R-POTUS)

Jon Huntsman (R-POTUS)

*Gary Johnson (Lib-POTUS)

Fred Karger (R-POTUS)

Ron Paul (R-POTUS)

Rick Perry (R-POTUS)

Buddy Roemer (R-POTUS)

Mitt Romney (R-POTUS)

Rick Santorum (R-POTUS)

The Following Candidate(s) Have Suspended Their Campaigns…

Michele Bachmann (R-POTUS)

Herman Cain (R-POTUS)

The Following Candidate(s) Are Still Candidates but have changed Political Parties.

Gary Johnson (Lib-POTUS)

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