Russian Woman Real Capt. America

Apr 17, 2011 by John S

Russian Woman Real Capt. America

Why should it be so hard to explain something that should be so easy to explain? But what did happen was something that I never would have hoped could happen.

Saturday, yesterday, the plan was to hit the theater for the matinee to see Atlas Shrugged Part 1. My other half was 100% against seeing it. I was going by myself, at least till I ran into my neighbor. We stopped to chat for a minute. I made the comment that was headed to see a movie and asked him if he wanted to go.

After a brief description of what the movie was about, leaving out the political side, he said yeah, that it might be fun. My neighbor I should warn you, is moderate liberal.  We arrived at the theater early, got tickets and went in the theater.

After the movie was over, I just had to know what he really thought. When I asked him, the answer I got was a shock; he said “I get you now, and your right. This could be America if things don’t change now.” The next thing that he wanted to know was how to get the book; he had to know what happened to everyone and could not wait for the next 2 movies to come out.

I never thought that it could be so easy to convert someone. I did not have to say the first word and ask the first question about what would happen. In less than 2 hours he understood why we have to change the direction that the progressive are taking us.

Take a few minutes to understand. Listen to Ayn Rand in her own words.

1959 – Mike Wallace Interview

Phil Donahue late 1970’s

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