OMG! WT?, Your Glasshouse

Mar 16, 2011 by Editor Fred D

OMG! WT?, Your Glasshouse

It is the glass house scenario. We have been chatting in several of the left leaning and right leaning groups on Facebook. To engage, in conversation, in order to get better information than hoping to read about it later.  It is like some kind of strange old adage or better yet a nightmare.

Then I remembered about telling my grandmother that I wanted to watch one of the national conventions when I was young. She told me that I should watch both conventions. This, of course, was back in the ancient times when you were lucky to get 3 channels, and an apple was something you picked from a tree.

I told her that I did not want to see the other convention, and she informed me that I would watch both because I needed to know what both were about and what their plans were. Since there was only 1 TV in the house, I got to watch both conventions. 4 years later I did the same and have done that since those days.

It is so amazing what you learn firsthand. Those that are the activist in the parties will for the most part set the mood and actions of the parties. When Carter and Kennedy went at it in 1980 election, that caused issues for Carter. Likewise, Robertson was in the Republican primary a few years later, that tilted their platform more to the right than the victor Bush 41 may have liked.

So in the spirit of learning you decide to head off to the left or liberal sites. Some of them are alright but the more progressive, left or right, they are the more militant they seem to get. There is no “big tent” there. It is as different as watching the 9-12 Washington rally and the Union protests in Wisconsin.

In Washington, those hate filled evil tea party people showed up, had a rally and left. Wait they are the ones that are hate filled and evil and yet there were no know arrests. Then we look at Wisconsin, where there is the calm of property damage and repair cost could be as high as $7.5 million and the police had to remove protesters.

When you go to the more progressive (this is to include both right and left) sites, they seem to want to call for bodily harm and result to name calling. They appear to have no interest in factually information. Yet they say the Tea Party members are like this. I have yet to talk to any that are that why. My suggestion is don’t throw rocks when you live in a glass house.

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  1. RBT

    Bud your a far right wing Republican…. sticks out in the way you talk. You can try to hide it all you want. You can try to tell some of the good people who believed that the tea party is all about their best interests… in the end… common folks just are not that stupid. Want people in the tea party to hate progressives, democrats, and starting to aim at republicans that won’t bow to your extreme and hidden agenda? In the end you will fail. This article was nothing but far right wing propaganda… implying that people in Wisconsin that are against the decimation of our middle class people that we are full of hate? Telling people in the tea party that demonstrators cost the state $7.5 million? That really gave your agenda away too. That is a Scott Walker imaginary number put out to make the movement look bad… didn’t work. The number is a complete falsehood… but it worked perfect did it not? It gave people like you who want to see the down fall of the middle class new poison to put out and you can point to Walkers numbers to make your comments look legit. I got a chuckle about your last comment about how progressives on both sides had no interest in factually presenting information and you tossed out that $7.5 million number… which was a number he tossed out after a day or two of people peacefully protesting. What the hell is your an idea of a fact anyway? If I go toss out on a web page that the moon is made of green cheese are you going to start quoting that as fact? Funny also is that all you are really trying to do is cause disdain between “Tea Party” people and other groups which don’t fit your agenda. Why do I say that a reader might ask? Well the only reason I came to this propaganda web site was because it was posted on a FB page supporting the ousting of Republican senators in Wisconsin… baiting people by saying in your article,
    “In Washington, those hate filled evil tea party people showed up, had a rally and left. Wait they are the ones that are hate filled and evil and yet there were no know arrests. Then we look at Wisconsin, where there is the calm of property damage and repair cost could be as high as $7.5 million and the police had to remove protesters.” So what would be the purpose of posting this, which is a manipulative lie, on a web site that supports the protests and recalls of these senators? Well I know and you know. I would certainly like to believe that Tea Party supporters are starting to realize what the real agenda of people like you are really pushing. blah blah blah … oh Fred, I did not start this response by saying I am an editor… I am not.. on the other hand you did. If you are going to write some sort of intelligent sounding editorial start off by proof reading your work before you publish it. Towards the end I sort of got an image in my mind of some drunken old angry republican slopping down wine after trying to get a frame up written down right for about six hours and finally gave up at the end. Hmm maybe I sound that way to you too… but I never claimed to be an editor.

    • Let us start with the amount of the repairs, as it was stated “property damage and repair cost could be as high as $7.5 million” not $7.5 million but as high as $7.5 million. As of publication time there was not a hard number to attach to this, the amounts and estimates are up to 7.5 million. The Department of Administration had costs from $60,000 to $500,000. The chief legal counsel for the state Department of Administration was reported as releasing the following numbers: $1 million for damage outside the capitol, $6 million to repair damaged marble inside, $500,000 for costs to supervise. These are numbers that the state offices are releasing and when there is a hard number that will be added as an update.
      You got me on “hate filled evil tea party people” I was just using the description that I had heard on some of the news shows on cable TV and in some of the Facebook sites that we follow.
      Just for the record my, at the time, southern democrat grandmother told me that I would have to watch the republican convention also, not just the democrat convention.

      • RBT

        (Editorial Note: writer makes incorrect assumptions below, in order to protect the third party, (x)’s have been used to redact certain information)

        Well…. I do appreciate your response. When you write something as fact do you ever consider citing your sources?
        Like try this one … fairly credible I’d say.

        Oh go look up Mike Huebsch if you want too.

        By the way this is not a “got you” as you imply by your comment. I am pointing some interesting things in the way you write which lead the reader to hold contempt for a group you obviously don’t care for by using misleading and untrue statements you present as facts. I actually got a bit of a chuckle once again… I take it you are Fred (Xxxxxx) correct? Yeah I am pretty good with finding out who people are pretty fast. Is this by chance an article you wrote in 2010 for (xxxxxxx)?


        “ (xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
        Agree or disagree- Click here to send letters to the editor

        The tea party people and a lot of other Americans are angry and confused about what’s going on in our country. From what I can see their anger is misdirected.

        Right now 60 percent of the wealth in this country is controlled by just 2 percent of the people. And it is not the government or people on welfare that have it.

        As of the end of 2009 according to Joseph G Carson, U.S. economist and director of Global Economic Research, U.S. corporations are sitting on over $1.8 trillion dollars in liquid assets (cash).

        They are waiting while the government is struggling and taking a lot of heat to clean up the mess that they largely created. As soon as things start improving they will swoop in like vultures and start squeezing the rest of the blood and freedoms of the American people.

        FRED (XXXXXXX)

        I just found it odd that you would take this position like
        you seem to have… change your mind all of a sudden? That not you? Hey Fred… why don’t you and the Tea Party folks go do something useful and talk about how we need fair trade or they need to KILL NAFTA… get a clue man… that is what has screwed our country along with corporate greed and their need for expansion into countries in which the commodity of workers is much cheaper. Seriously man get a clue… that is the problem I have with the tea party to be honest. Wake up man… wake up.. I know people that were teachers for over 40 years that made under 60k a year at the end of over 40 years of work at the same job… went back to school during that time got masters degrees etc. Think those are the people raping our country? If you do there is something wrong with you man. Think those guys put in a 40 hour work week? haha try more like 65 – 70 hours a week… yeah yeah lets cut them down to no insurance, pension, meh… maybe they should make 35k a year. Tires me out listening to such idiocy.

        • Recommendation to RBT, find a general contractor or a grade 2 teacher to discuss “up to”.

          Your assumptions of name and location in your linked article are wrong. Therefore, at of respect for the author certain information was redacted. So finding information fast, yes very good, but you found the wrong person. Just for fun I ran my correct name and find out that I died 3 times last year, well provided I lived in 3 different states.

          The person that you quoted used a number of 60% of wealth controlled by 2%, depending on what year you choose, the IRS uses numbers of top 1% and top 5%, the top 5% is closer to controlling 50% of wealth.

          So you finding it bit odd that I would change my mind is funny to say the least since I was not the author of the article.

          I worked 70 plus hour a week for years. I did it because I wanted to start my own company. I wanted to be able to enjoy my retire without money worries and hopefully leave my family so type of security.

  2. RBT

    haha You edited out your last name and the website link to your article? LOL What are you afraid of FRED? That people will find out you are a liar and a hypocrite? pff goodbye Fred just showed your true colors.

  3. RBT

    Gotta love censorship!

  4. RBT

    Sorry are you trying to tell me your last name is not …….? You can say you did not write that article all you want…if you want to hide……. LOL Nice to see your protecting the identity of hehe not you?

  5. The below was later posted by RBT. Again some information was redacted. What RBT does not realize is that the services that employers use to verify information on applicants will give you detailed information even without using personal information such as a Social Security number. Using very basic information, such the name along with a city, state, an ip address, or other, you are able to narrow a search down to just a few people in most cases. It is our belief that the person that was reference above by RBT was a senior citizen, acting on respect for elders, the information was redacted. Please read his last comment below.

    Sorry are you trying to tell me your last name is not (XXXXX)? A simple (XXX) on the person that registered this web site says different. I am assuming YOU are the Fred (XXXXX). You can say you did not write that article all you want…if you want to hide you last name another good place to start would be take off the directory with your full name as author and maybe change it to Bozo the Clown or something because when people hover over your name at the top of this page they can figure that out. Then all they need to do is Google you to find out what you have been writing bud! LOL Nice to see your protecting the identity of hehe not you?

  6. Ellis

    Fred you are an idiot


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