Qaddafi Is Laughing At Us

Apr 15, 2011 by Dennis C

Qaddafi Is Laughing At Us

Are there still people out there, who aren’t hanky wringing liberal extremists, who still believe President Obama is a strong leader? If so, after the way he handled this business with Libya and Qaddafi, what are you people thinking?

If we had a chance to kill or capture Osama bin Laden, does anyone think we shouldn’t? Even the most ridiculously childish of the liberal extremists must be okay with that. Maybe not, I could be wrong but rational adults would want to get this murderous fanatic. So, if we should get bin Laden for the 9/11 attacks, why aren’t we after Qaddafi for the killing of two American serviceman in Germany in ’86 and the bombing of Pan Am 103 and the murder of 270 people, including 190 Americans? There is plenty of evidence to go after him for ordering these terrorist attacks (oops, sorry, I forgot, in Obama speak we aren’t allowed to use the term terrorist. Someone might be offended by it). Why is he still free?

This mess that Obama’s dithering, weakness and indecisiveness has caused is a perfect example of liberal foreign policy run amuck. A few weeks ago, he and virtually everyone in his PC worshipping administration insisted “Qaddfi must go”. Yet, here he is riding around Tripoli in a convertible acting the role of the conquering hero, thumbing his nose at us and making the West look like fools. Why? Because we have a President more concerned with being popular with the United Nations than he is in pursuing interests of the United States. Qaddafi needs to be either killed or sent to Gitmo for trial. Hasn’t he killed enough people yet?

Every nation on the planet conducts its foreign policy based on what the government of that nation believes is in its own best interest. Why don’t we? If the President decided it was time to do something about Qaddafi, and he apparently did, why did he go hat in hand to the UN and mess around for three weeks trying to get the UN to make a decision? And then, when they finally did, it was too late to get Qaddafi so, typically, they decided to do a half-assed job of it and came up with a resolution (how much more worthless can anything be than a UN resolution?) to only use force to stop either side from ending this fiasco. Now, here we are with President No Backbone looking the fool.

Why should this guy be reelected? Can someone come up with a reason? Hope and change. It has come to mean, he hopes things will change so he can keep his job.

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