Obama and Gas Prices

Apr 18, 2011 by Dennis C

Obama and Gas Prices

A lot is being said and written these days about the high gas prices. Mostly what people are wondering is why doesn’t Obama do something like Bush did and allow more drilling in the U.S. and offshore which would have an immediate impact and drive the price of oil and gas down. The reason Obama won’t do this is because high energy costs are and always have been the cornerstone of his and the liberal extremists energy policy. He has no interest in lowering gas prices, at least until his pollsters tell him to so it will help his reelection campaign.

They have pushed for higher gas prices for at least thirty years, mostly in the form of a large gas tax. That way they would get twofer for their efforts. More tax revenue to use to further their progressive socialist agenda and higher prices that would cause people to use less gas, conserve more. This is another of their touchy feely ideas that won’t work and will have worse consequences than the problem they are trying to solve.

First of all, what they fail to see, is that if people are using less gas then there won’t be more tax revenue for them to spend. That should be fairly obvious but, like everything they come up with, allowing rational thinking into the process isn’t going to happen. But, on the other had, not giving them more tax money to spend is hardly a bad thing.

The real problem is that their energy policy is based on higher gas prices, electric cars, more windmills and curly cue light bulbs. Higher gas prices will clobber the very people the libs claim they want to help the most. The poor, of course. Higher gas prices don’t just effect SUV and luxury car drivers. High gas prices drive up the cost of everything, especially food which even non-thinking liberals can’t get along without.

As to electric cars, this is a nice sounding idea until you actually think about it for a minute. In Southern California, as an example, they already have difficulty providing for the electricity that is needed. If even 10% of the cars became electric, this would have very little effect on gas savings but it would cause an enormous strain on the electricity production to charge up these electric cars. Where would this come from and what would happen to the price of electricity? Again, something that effects the price of everything. Another one of those liberal “gosh I guess we didn’t think of that” moments.

Windmills. This is the latest trendy idea. Somehow these deep thinkers have convinced themselves that wind power (and higher taxes) will solve everything. If we just build enough windmills then there would be cheap electricity, the air would be cleaner, global warming would be solved, children would sing, birds would fly free and everyone would be in for a big group hug. Again, delusional.

There is no way we can ever build enough windmills to power a fifteen trillion dollar economy. That is simply never going to happen. And I do mean never. Not now, not ever. That’s not to say that we should not be using this source of power. But, let’s be realistic about it. It’s not as cheap as carbon produced electricity, we cannot produce enough electricity from them now or anytime in the near future to make any difference and people don’t want to be around these noise makers. Especially the white wine, limousine liberal elites who advocate these things. Don’t build them in my backyard (Martha’s Vineyard) they will spoil the view.

We need grown up talk about these things, not wishful thinking.

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