So I am a Homophobic Racist?

Mar 31, 2011 by John S

So I am a Homophobic Racist?

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For those of you that have tried to discuss anything with a liberal and/or progressive, you may feel my pain in this. DO NOT let children read this without supervision.

Let me see if I have this right, because I am a white male, a republican, believe in God, and supporter of a smaller government; I am a homophobic, racist, gun toting, Bible thumping idiot, that will not listen to reason, and hates the poor. The conservatives that read this will may object to one or two items that are covered herein; but their judgment will be rooted in an ethical debate. The progressives or liberals will most likely have froth coming from their ears before they finish the 5th line. But I will qualify it all with one simple fact for most of us: man makes mistakes God has never made a mistake. So let us get to the task at hand; because I am calling out the liberals.

All right, lets break this out by bullet points and maybe be a little facetious while we are at it.

  • White Male: I had no control over that one. Did the progressives miss that sex education class that they want everyone to sit through? It is genetics. You will need to take this up with God or my parents, as I was not consulted.
  • God and Bible thumping: I am Roman Catholic and we are not exactly known for shoving a Bible or our religious beliefs in your face. I was reared Southern Baptist. Maybe that is more in line with what you want to call” in your face Bible thumpers.” I go to Mass (Church) if I asked you to go with me and you did not like it, tell me and I will not ask you again. I have my own sins that I have to answer for, and I do not want to add yours to the pile.
  • Guns: It is the 2nd Amendment, its real short. Sorry you can’t read maybe you should have taken advantage of that free schooling that you support so much.
  • Racist: I do not care what the color of your skin is or the derivation of your family. Thusly, I cannot be racist.
  • Small Government: The Founders gave us, the States and the People therein, a constitution with limited responsibilities. Limited, small, that means that the national government, Federal, has limited duties. So that means it is to be small. It can’t be that hard to understand.
  • Hating the poor: I have been poor, no trust fund here Nancy P. I made it up the economic scale on my own, and I am planning to get further up that scale. I hated being poor, but that does not mean that I hate those that are poor. I just do not think you have to have a government support you.
  • Listen: I refuse to listen. That is all I can do. You do not want to let anyone speak.
  • Homophobic: The best way to find out if you are homophobic should be to ask someone gay. So on that, I asked my boyfriend if I was homophobic. When he finally stopped laughing he asked me if I was serious, to which I replied yes. After a moment, more laughing, he said no that it was not possible as I am gay.

So that is what 8 strikes, you’re out more than 2 times. Should I find one more so the ending is over?

Now let me turn this back on you, with comments. This time we will not use bullet points because that may insinuate violence. So we shall call it a listing of possible issues starting each item with a circular notation of a various shade. It is still a bullet point. LOL

  • White Male: They must be racist. They start companies, they run companies, and they are elected to office. There are more of them at the fire department, for example. Stop and think about that, in most areas there are more of them applying for the jobs, simple math on that, odds in their favor. If you are in an area where more people that are applying for the job, are of color than white, odds are in favor of the make up being slanted to those of color. The odds are good that they may own the business in that area also. Does that mean they are racist?
  • God and Bible thumping: Your evil, you hate people because you believe in God. You are out to ruin others lives with your beliefs. Even with removing God from the equation you are left with a set up ethics. What are yours? Somewhere there must be limits or you have anarchy, and that never ends well.
  • Guns: Guns kill people. Guns are destructive. Guns should be outlawed. Guess what, without those guns we may still be a colony. Without those guns there would be no check against a leader like Mao, Stalin, or Hitler coming to power. But since you are progressives and want the government to take care of all society’s needs, might we assume, that is what you want. Name the country where it worked. Don’t count any in Europe as they are headed the opposite way that you want to go. On a side note I was in the gun shop last week and I did not see any guns trying to do anything. Did you do LSD in the 60’s and 70’s?
  • Racist: Progressives are out to take care of everyone, as they are all victims, but you seem to exclude white males and Christians. Oh that sounds so good, someone to take care of me. If that is the case, why have you made it so hard to get away from public assistance? Why are the abortion clinics in poor neighborhoods? Why is it that every victim needs to be taken care of only by you, and no one else? You are like a drug dealer, first get them hooked at no cost, then you make them pay. How do you make them pay, vote for me because the other guy is going to through you out on the street with nothing, if you don’t. Maybe you need to take a look in the mirror before you talk.
  • Small Government: That is just a phase, which is not what was met by the constitution. You just do not understand this; we will take care of it. Well the few powers that were given the government were spelled out.
  • Hating the poor: Progressives want to assist, give them what they need. This just creates a generation of dependence. You have not really done anything to help someone that is poor. I have been there and might still be there, if I were to have listened to your wishes. No, that is not for me.
  • Listen: Progressives listen to everyone. That is so right, lol! Any time someone speaks, that disagrees with you, there you are berating  them. Because, they must be an uneducated homophobic racist, Bible thumper and fascist. You need to look no further than the past 3 or 4 presidential conventions, who would dare put a speaker on podium that rips into their party or candidate, who puts up a speaker that the delegates are opposed? Note to progressives, communist and fascist are side by side on a political circle, in the same area that you find, Oh My God, progressives.
  • Homophobic: You want to equate gays to Blacks. That is offensive on so many levels. Being gay and Black are not the same. Black is a reference to a person’s lineage. Blacks were forced into slavery. Blacks were penalized because of their lineage, after they were supposed to be equal. They had to march and, in some cases, die for the rights they have today. Why must you belittle their struggle? And you dare demean their struggle with a sexual preference. How dare you berate being Black, to that which someone does in their bedroom. You can hide your sexuality but you cannot hide the color of your skin. And you dare call me a racist.

“I bring reason to your ears, and, in language as plain as ABC, hold up truth to your eyes.” Thomas Paine, December 23, 1776 Paine never met you, but I know that you will not listen to the reason that was brought to your ears, even in that plain language. The truth shown to your eyes will not be seen or will it?

So now let us take a look at 2 of the progressive movements biggest heroes, George Bernard Shaw and Margaret Sanger (Founder of Planned Parenthood.)

First Shaw:

Now how about just a little information on Sanger:

There is one thing that you will have to admit. Statistics show us that about 80% of children will be like their parents. So with abortions, assuming that most come from liberal households, that would mean that progressives are killing themselves off. So you call us anything you want to, you may do what you want, we can take it, besides in the end you will have put us into the majority and we will have won. Maybe at that time we will be able to save those of you that are left.

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  1. teneo

    Being gay does not exempt someone from homophobia. Internalized homophobia is a common response to the way society and your church treat gay people. The pope shoves roman catholic beliefs at the rest of us on a regular basis. If christians and catholics would live and let live like you suggest you do personally it would be great. Instead churches pour time anbnd money into politics and condemn people not of their religion. you say you are roman catholic. Is it a very progressive church or do they just not know you are gay?

    • John S

      Homophobia as defined is: irrational fear of, aversion to, or discrimination against. I do not fit the definition. I would assume my priest would know, but confession is private.

  2. Chris

    Dear John S.
    It is always a sad, and rather maddening affair when we generalize isn’t it? As many of the points you made about one side are so similar to those that are shouted on the other side.

    You may or may not be surprised to know that I much appreciated seeing things from your eyes. Eyes that may be very different than mine, but serve us both to see none the less.

    It is my sincere hope that even though some of our views may be different, we can come together as people in knowing that we are much more alike in our hopes,and dreams than we are different.

    Let me just close by extending my virtual hand out to you and wishing you all the best. I am no monster despite what the stories say.


    • John S


      I worked with one of the guys that started this site. We worked in construction, not the best place to be gay. The people that I worked for had no issue with my job performance and really did not care about my personal life. Having to work with subcontractors I came to realize that you must not let anyone “rib you” you had to crack back and right then or you would have no credit with anyone.

      I am not close to being “PC” and when I was ask to write, I have to admit I thought the guy was nuts. Then I realized that without all points on the table the discussion is slated, so I said yes and beware.

      Monsters I fear not, now my other half and mother, well that is something else.

      I have carte blanche on the topics so what every next weeks is hope you like the read. If you disagree, great, let us hash it out.

      Best Wish and God Bless,


  3. Greg

    I agree 100%.

    Go to school in San Diego? Don’t bring your Bible.

    • John S


      I was going to rant on about that link. Try this one

      I think that says it all.



  4. Ann

    I love good debates, I love to listen to the other side of any debate when said other side is saying words and not screeching like a Howler monkey. As far as “small” government goes, the constitution is a document that is almost 300 years old. In case you haven’t noticed, the world is a wee bit different than it was 300 years ago. As such, we all need to put on a new set of glasses and read the constitution 300 years into it’s future. Historical documents should never me made into stone, (if they were then a lot of really awkward things would go on – straight from the bible), especially something that needs to be so dynamic.
    Society in general doesn’t need to be coddled, but, sometimes people need a bit of help. Would the most decent choice in the situation of welfare be to FIX what’s already there rather than just chucking everyone off? You see, much to my dismay, I have to use medicaid to help get my mood stabilizers because I am a student and live in a place where there are very few available jobs. If I couldn’t get those meds (which by the way are extremely expensive) then I would be disabled, I would be crippled by the violent swings of temperament, and it’s quite likely other people would end up maimed or dead too… So, what is the use in chucking me or people like me out of sanity? Did we not see the story of Gabrielle Giffords and those other folks? Did we not hear that the gunman was an un-medicated schizophrenic?
    Despite the specific “don’t cite countries in Europe!” thing, I’m going to anyway. The U.K. has very strict gun laws, they also function quite well as a society. Also, because they don’t carry guns, it makes me giggle when skinny wannabe gang members try to antagonize me during my vacations in England. I’m just not afraid of an unarmed bean pole I s’pose.
    My last and final bit is gay rights. The gay civil rights movement and the black civil rights movement do carry many similarities. By comparing the two to make it simpler to understand, I do not disparage in any way their plight. However, you of all people ought to know that being gay is about as much of a choice as being a white male or being African American or Spanish or Chinese… So, regardless of the fact that it can be hidden, the issues we face as homosexuals are issues of civil rights. Did you know that as recently as 2003 (maybe it was 2001 I can’t remember which without looking it up) you and your boyfriend could have been arrested and prosecuted and JAILED for “what you do in the bedroom”? Anti-sodomy laws sucked, and not in a fun way either. Don’t you know that because of the DOMA all of the immigration laws that apply to any straight person regarding marriage are completely and utterly denied to me? Even though in the actual immigration laws there is no difference as to “preference,” and so my girlfriend and I have had to be long, long distance for 5 years.
    Basically, I think generalizations can be very dangerous and often times restrict our views. If one thing needs to happen before we can correct anything in this country, we need to forget the boxes we throw each other in before even knowing each other. We all need to accept the fact that we’re all people and sometimes I’ll be wrong and sometimes you’ll be wrong and sometimes everyone will be wrong together. We all suck, we’re all mortal and now, we need to get along – and boxes with general labels really are not helpful.

    • John S


      The Constitution is, in fact, dynamic see Article V. It allows for amendments to be made as the need may arise. Also see Amendment X, which grants the State or people therein those powers that given the Federal Government.

      I would point out that even God, for those of the Christian belief, made clarification and/or possible amendments to his laws. Saint Paul wrote in a in his second letter to the Thessalonians that you should work if you want to eat. Going back to the Gospel according to Saint Matthew 25th chapter Jesus shows that he was a capitalist, see the parable of the gold talents. This does not mean that we as singular members of the Christian community do not have a duty to help those that need it. Our duty though is not to be delegated to the government as it is personal. We have built a system that will take time to remove and replace, and as a Christian, duty to God dictates that we honor that commitment.

      Just remember the most expensive thing you will ever get will be free.

      As to guns, just ask one question of yourself. Would I want to be in Nazi Germany, Stalin’s Russian or any other progressive country and not have excess to a fireman? If, your answer was Yes, no firearm, you’re welcome to hang out with my friends, as we will get you out of the country before we are found and kill, or at least we will die trying.

      Gay rights as far as taxes go we could get screw, depending on one’s finances. Leaving taxes to the side, there is couple S a man and woman, also couple G a homosexual couple or unmarried man and woman. We now look at the laws of the United States and each State. They are both, except Louisiana, rooted in English common law and thusly in Roman law and there traditions. If you marry as couple S, you will have certain rights over and with each other, and certain tax advantages. However couple G may choice to avail themselves of certain legal documents that will in still those rights with extensions. My partner at any time may sign my name, regardless of my location. The typical married couple cannot. All that we are missing is the tax advantage.

      Marriage and Sodomy are issues that are not in the purview of the national government those are issue that fall under the 10th amendment. Marriage however is just a little different than sodomy laws. Marriage is a common law issue that has been codified. Codification however does not negate the common law issue. Marriage was between one man and one woman, thusly for there to be other types of marriage, the States would have to agree to amend the Constitution of the United States to allow States to institute other types of marriage. If this issue were to reach the Supreme Court of the United States, they would rule against marriage defined as other than one man to one woman.


  5. marcus

    ““I bring reason to your ears, and, in language as plain as ABC, hold up truth to your eyes.” Thomas Paine, December 23, 1776 Paine never met you, but I know that you will not listen to the reason that was brought to your ears, even in that plain language. The truth shown to your eyes will not be seen or will it?”…..i guess you weren’t paying attention to Thomas Paine either.

    That God cannot lie, is no advantage to your argument, because it is no proof that priests can not, or that the Bible does not. [The Life and Works of Thomas Paine, Vol. 9 p. 134]

    As to the book called the bible, it is blasphemy to call it the Word of God. It is a book of lies and contradictions and a history of bad times and bad men. [Thomas Paine, writing to Andrew Dean August 15, 1806]

    Of all the systems of religion that ever were invented, there is no more derogatory to the Almighty, more unedifiying to man, more repugnant to reason, and more contradictory to itself than this thing called Christianity. Too absurd for belief, too impossible to convince, and too inconsistent for practice, t renders the heart torpid or produces only atheists or fanatics. As an engine of power, it serves the purpose of despotism, and as ameans of wealth, the avarice of priests, but so far as respects the good of man in general it leads to nothing here or hereafter. [Thomas Paine, The Age of Reason]

    ..but the Bible is such a book of lies and contradictions there is no knowing which part to believe or whether any… [Thomas Paine, The Age of Reason]

    Priests and conjurors are of the same trade. [Thomas Paine, The Age of Reason]

    The most detestable wickedness, the most horrid cruelties, and the greatest miseries that have afflicted the human race have had their origin in this thing called revelation, or revealed religion. It has been the most destructive to the peace of man since man began to exist. Among the most detestable villains in history, you could not find one worse than Moses, who gave an order to butcher the boys, to massacre the mothers and then rape the daughters. One of the most horrible atrocities found in the literature of any nation. I would not dishonor my Creator’s name by attaching it to this filthy book. [Thomas Paine, The Age of Reason]

    And finally one that will piss you off so much you’ll never quote thomas payne again, besause its so pro-U.N. you’ll be sick

    My country is the world, and my religion is to do good.

    And by the way since your so Versed in the work and views of Thomas Paine, what do you think about him being the guy who first introduced the idea of Guaranteed minimum income? You know welfare? look up Guaranteed minimum income, He seems pretty socialist to me.

    In fact after our revolution he went and became the driving force behind the french revolution aswell. So does that make france our sister? We do share the same father.

    So why isn’t Thomas Paine listed with George Bernard Shaw since welfare was Thomas Paine’s brain child? Why should i listen to someone who is inspired a liberal socialist when that person is telling me i shouldn’t listen to people who are inspired by liberal socialists?

    • John S

      “I believe in one God, and no more; and I hope for happiness beyond this life.”

      “No one will deny or dispute the power of the Almighty to make such a communication, if he pleases.”

      Both from The Age of Reason.


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