Open Letter of Thanks

Apr 9, 2011 by John S

Open Letter of Thanks

President Obama and the liberals say that the economy is getting better. Reid wants Speaker Boehner to dump the Tea Party.

Maybe we should send the President and Senator Reid a thank you note…

Dear Sirs,

We would like to thank you for all that you have done. We need to look at how you have improved the economy for all. We should look year to year. Below are the numbers for April 5, 2010 and April 4, 2011. They are the closing numbers from the market; example gas at 327.07 does not reflect taxes at the pump, vender mark up (profit), delivery cost, and other related expenses.

Product                      2010                2011               % increase

WTC                           84.92              112.79             132.8191%

Gas                             215.43             327.07            151.8219%

Class III Milk            1281                1671                130.445%

Feeder Cattle            114.525           134.600          117.5289%

Pork Bellies              89.000            150.000          168.5393%

Gold                           1161.60           1474.50          126.937%

Cotton 2                    73.32               198.47            270.6901%

Coffee                         204.31            305.08           149.3221%

Sugar #11                   19.58               30.10              153.7283%

It is said by economists that a one cent increase in gas price means that $1 billion dollars of purchasing is lost. Thank you for the $111.64 Billon of lost purchasing power.

Sir, please allow me to list some of the things that I am happy that you have done:

  • The cost of my breakfast going up.
  • The cost of my lunch going up.
  • The cost of my dinner going up.
  • The cost of my clothes going up.
  • The cost of my gas going up.
  • The cost of going to work going up.
  • The cost of doing anything going up.

Unlike you we have to live with a fixed budget, we are not allowed to print money. We would like to recommend that send letters to those that we were not able to list above and let them know you were glad to help them out. We had to cut that $111.64 Billon of lost purchasing power from somewhere, so here is a short list:

  • All that extra food at the grocery store
  • What we buy at the mall
  • Going out to see a movie
  • Going to restaurants
  • Taking that vacation
  • Electrics Store
  • Buying that car
  • Upgrading that old computer
  • Buy that nice present, for a birthday, anniversary or other
  • Getting fresh flowers for that special someone
  • Having to cut back on donations
  • Buying that new video game for the kids
  • Getting a bunch of new appliances
  • Buying toys for our children

Yes, Mr. President and Senator Reid, we are so thankful for all that you have done. So we will pinch our pennies and when the time is right we will be back in Washington holding our handmade signs to protest all that you have done.


The Tax Payer

AKA: Your Boss

P.S. At the rate you are going we would like to recommend you, Mr. President, call your local Employment Security office and set up an appointment for February 2013.  Have a nice day.

**note was used to check prices**

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  1. Lisa

    “Cotton 2 7332 198.47 270.6901%”

    Missing decimal point?

    Adding to the list: Thanks for the increased heating/cooling costs. Hope and Change will be out next year when we vote in some Practical Leaders. You know, the ones who DO things.



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