Tax Day Rally

Apr 4, 2011 by Editor Fred D

Tax Day Rally


We are presently working on posting Tax Day Rallies.  We understand that some of these will not be April 15, 2011, but will be within a few days of that date, so do not worry about that issue.  Please submit your event in the following format, thank you.  Use the email address below; this is only go for this event and afterwards will be discarded.

Area:  (City/State)

Event Name:

Date and Time:


Information: (Include speakers, activities or other information as you see fit to have listed)

Website: (If your group has one)

Please make a notation, if you would like for us to send you an email address back, that you may use, to forward information at a later time.

Thank you

Please note that we have removed the “@” and “.” from the address and replaced them with “at” and “dot”, we hope this is not an inconvenience.

Please send information to:  tpcrallys”at”gmail”dot”com


With all the complaints by liberals that say TEA Party members are troublemakers. We plan to counter. We would like to post your Videos and pics of Tax Day Rallies.  Please use the same email as above but in subject line state VIDEO. We will send you a link to upload your videos and pics.

The link is now active. Thank you for your assistance.

Video and photo upload page.

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  1. SpellingNazi

    Just a quick comment…it’s really minor, but the plural of rally is “rallies”, not rally’s.

    I can overlook a quick typo, but it’s one of your main button items too.

    I can’t help myself…I’m a spelling freak, sorry!

  2. You can 24 of them, and counting at this link

    • Jack Nolan

      Thanks, I’ll make 24 posts about it Sir! -JN

  3. AmericanHatingBabyMurderingMSNBCWatchingLiberal

    I’ll be counter protesting, ya’ll. ;)

  4. I leave in San Francisco. We don’t have a Tea Party.I get my information. I know Obama will be in San Francisco April 20th. I’m with Heather Gass.

  5. You know how impossible it is to debate with Liberals? Well, now we have a venue!! PLEASE GUYS!! I need more Conservatives on this site!! At first all I had were Conservatives, so I went on a Liberal Advertising Campaign. It worked… TOO WELL!!! LoL… Seriously! Come check us out! News from all over the world and debatable topics 90% of the time.
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