Gold Found, Mine Illinois

Mar 29, 2011 by Editor Fred D

Gold Found, Mine Illinois

Gov. Pat Quinn (D-IL) and his democrat controlled legislative branch have hit gold and it appears has found a way to reduce unemployment and increase tax revenues.

That may have been their plan, when they increased personal and corporate taxes; however, the outcome may not be wanted by them and may be a blessing from God for others. Wisconsin, Indiana and New Jersey are on the prowl like a flock of birds. They maybe out flanked by the hawks Texas, Florida, South Dakota, and Nebraska just to name a few.

Texas is out to be known, not as the Lone Star State, but as the Low-Tax Lone Star State. Nebraska’s new State Motto might be “We balance our budget, Control Spending and don’t raise your Taxes.” South Dakota’s State Motto may change to “A Place to Grow and Prosper.” (These are plays on words from letters to Caterpillar Inc. CEO Doug Oberhelman from Governors of states courting his company to move.) Illinois may have to change theirs from “Land of Lincoln” to “Gone with the Wind.”

23,000 Caterpillar employees will pay around $40 million in additional taxes to the state of Illinois this year, somewhere around $1,740 per employee.  The good news for them is that if their 401k or their union pension fund has Cat stock the dividends may increase if Caterpillar moves out of Illinois. The savings may not be a lot but it will assist in putting a dent in the $100 million charge that they have reported they will take this quarter due to Obama Care, AKA; Affordable Health Care.

The bigger picture of this new gold mine will be the smaller companies that are being courted by other states. It is as though the Illinois democrats went out and hired someone to tell them how to move companies out of the state.

It is truly the perfect recipe, a tablespoon of raise income taxes on everything, a teaspoon of high workman’s comp, a pinch of mile high paperwork to do business, and carefully fold in 2 cups of overly expense unaffordable “affordable health care.” Allow to set and neighboring states to remove most companies. Recipe is ready for the oven when neighbors have removed most of your companies. Bake for about a year and see if you are voted out. If you are still in office after next election repeat unless you are the only people left in your state.

Caterpillar is already building outside of Illinois. Support industry, supplies and other venders will locate in those areas to maintain their contracts with Caterpillar. Those jobs and the tax revenue will go with them.

Someone will sale food, staples, gas, cars, clothes, and other products to the employees. Did they not learn from Maryland? (see Millionaires Go Where)

Illinois democrats may be the best thing that happens this year to Wisconsin, Indiana, New Jersey, Texas, Florida, South Dakota, and Nebraska. Those states should take heed, stand up, and come Christmas this year, they need to send Christmas cards to Illinois thanking for providing new jobs for their residents.

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