James Foster – Bio – (Lib-OR-1)

Oct 13, 2011 by TeaPartyCheer

James Foster – Bio – (Lib-OR-1)

General Election Candidate

Oregon District 1

James Foster Congressional Candidate, Oregon District 1 Special Election

James Foster Biography from VoteJamesFoster.com

James Foster (age 53) is a software engineer in Beaverton, Oregon. While most of his work experience has been in the technology sector (he has an MS in Computer Science), he worked briefly as a commercial pilot while in college and then as a Staff Attorney in the Federal Trade Commission after earning a JD from UCLA School of Law. After a youthful infatuation with Ralph Nader, James studied economics and law and learned that well-meaning laws and regulations are often counter-productive. He campaigned for Ed Clark for President in 1980 and has supported the Libertarian Party ever since.

James enjoys hiking, biking, water skiing, and other outdoor activities. He is married to Portland native Beverly Rippey and they have two adult children. John is married to Bethany and attends graduate school at University of Oregon; Laura is attending medical school at Loma Linda University. James and Beverly are active members of the Hillsboro Seventh-day Adventist Church.


James Foster (Lib-OR-1)

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