“Thanks for the Memory”

Mar 3, 2011 by Editor Fred D

“Thanks for the Memory”

For those of us that are old enough to remember Bob Hope, I have to wonder that if he were alive today and were to do a tribute to Washington would it go something like this…

“Thanks for the memory

Of cheap food and fuel, vacations on the coast

A strong dollar and cable TV I could afford

How lovely it was!”

This morning the Sydney Morning Herald carries an article on food prices increasing. This only gets better, as it is reported that France is going to do something to correct the issue. Yes, thank you, we are saved, well if you want to believe that one…

Here is a series of news flashes:

Food Prices up due to high Oil Prices

Population Increases, Govt. against Increased Oil Drilling

World out of Oil, New Mega-Oil Field located

Every movement of food or any commodity requires oil in some form. Maybe it is a tractor in the field that needs fuel, motor oil and grease. There is a truck that needs the same to take a product to market and then to the store. Let us not forget the packing materials many of which are petroleum based, the last time we looked they did not fall from Heaven like manna. (If you are a progressive, that means they are not free.)

Here is the fix that government could make money off of without taxing us to death. Move out of the way of the people, let companies drill and produce more oil. Most important to this STOP SPENDING more money than you take in, all you have done is devalue our money and increase our costs.

Tomorrows Editorial Column is on accountability

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