Something Obama Can Accomplish (Maybe)

Jun 22, 2011 by Dennis C

Something Obama Can Accomplish (Maybe)

I have been trying to think of a reason why anyone would vote to re-elect Barak Obama and I have finally come up with something that he might be able to accomplish to put on his re-election resume. A review of his job performance is in order first.

His foreign policy has been an incomprehensible disaster. He has alienated our friends and made our enemies hate us even more. An impressive level of incompetence. All his apologies have done nothing but make us look weak and embarrassing. Hilary Clinton should have been fired two years ago. The only reason she wasn’t is, obviously, if he had fired her she would run against him for the Democratic nomination and likely kick his ass. She did just that in ’08 in March and April but, by then, it was too little, too late and we were stuck with this guy.

His Mideast policy is a total mess. He spent the first year apologizing to the Arab Muslim world as if that and his charm would somehow woo them into liking us. A big group hug, a smiley face, bow and scrape to dictators and other assorted thugs and all would be set right by President Narcissus (has this guy ever met a mirror he didn’t fall in love with?). Plus, Iran would be smitten by his charm and stop their quest for nuclear weapons. How has that worked out?

And what has he done lately? He tries to act tough and proclaims Qaddafi must go and then backs off and does nothing to get this murdering terrorist. Then, he throws the one good, reliable ally we have in the Mideast, the only sane, sensible democracy in that part of the world, under the bus to again try to appease the Arab Muslim world.

Is he really as naive as he seems to be? Calling for Israel to pull back to the pre 1967 borders must have had the Muslims absolutely salivating at the thought. It would be a death sentence for Israel and the liberal media became absolutely incensed that Benjamin Netanyahu had the nerve to point this out to The One. What did they expect? Someone had to tell The One that, despite the fact all of his toadies in the media lick his boots and fawn over him for his brilliance, this is an impressively stupid idea.

How about his energy policy? Has he come up with something that makes sense to anyone over the age of twelve? Not yet. The cornerstone of his energy policy is high gas prices and, if re-elected, is it a stretch to see $8 or $9 a gallon gas prices? In fact, count on it. This delights the far left eco/enviro nazi crowd who have been screeching for higher gas prices for at least 30 years but it doesn’t do much for the rest of us who have to work for a living. Higher gas prices, or so they believe, will make all of their touchy feely alternative energy ideas more economically feasible. It won’t work that way but now is no time to let rational thinking get in the way of feel good policy making.

Then there are the remaining parts of his energy policy. Windmills and curly cue lightbulbs. Yes, this will save America. We can run a fifteen trillion dollar economy on windmills and conserve enough with curly cue lightbulbs to get us off the foreign oil dependency treadmill. Good grief.

Finally, there is his handling of the domestic economy. Does this even merit comment? If nothing else gets him tossed out of office, this should do it and deservedly so. And it is time for everyone to stop calling that 800 plus billion dollar Democratic pork pie a stimulus package. It was no such thing and was not really intended to be a stimulus. It was pay back for Democrats having gained power and nothing else.

He really has not accomplished anything which is why he has decided to stop governing and just run for re-election full time. Probably a break for all of us. So, I have a suggestion for him and his administration to work on that might give him something he can claim as a success. And, given the way Democrats and his administration like to spend other people’s money, they can probably accomplish this for under 10 to 20 billion. They should be able to get it done cost free but, we are talking about Obama, his administration and the Democrats in Congress so expecting efficiency is probably too much. Maybe they could hire someone from the private sector who has actually had a job and earned a paycheck to help them out. Except, they wouldn’t know where to begin looking for someone like that.

What have I come up with that The One might be able to do something about? I am really getting annoyed with TV commercials. Every time a commercial comes on, the volume of it goes up by a good 30% over whatever it is you are watching. Given their love of regulating everything in everyone’s lives, here is something they might be able to rectify. Get TV commercials to lower the volume. Here is something everyone can relate to and he can use as a campaign slogan. What’s he gonna use now? “Re-elect me ‘cause I’ve just started to make a mess of things” “Four more years of appeasement and weakening America both domestically and worldwide”. I’m not an expert but those don’t strike me as campaign slogans to get excited about.

But, “I got the volume turned down on TV commercials” could catch fire. After all, he doesn’t have anything else to brag about and, I, for one would at least appreciate the break from the annoying noise of the sham wow guy. I still wouldn’t vote for him but, it’s better than nothing which is what his list of accomplishments adds up to now.

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