Ohio General Election 2012: Warren County

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Warren County

Clerk Of Court

James L. Spaeth (R)

Common Pleas General Division (Full Term Commencing 01/01/2013)

Donald E. Oda II (NP)

Roger D. Staton (NP)

County Commissioner (Full Term Commencing 01/02/2013)

Dave Young (R)

County Commissioner (Full Term Commencing 01/03/2013)

Pat Arnold South (R)

County Coroner

Russell Uptegrove (R)

County Court (Full Term Commencing 01/01/2013)

Joseph W. Kirby (NP)

County Engineer

Neil Tunison (R)

County Prosecutor

David P. Fornshell (R)

County Recorder

Linda Oda (R)

County Treasurer

Jim Aumann (R)


Larry Lee Sims (R)

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