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Keith Arnold


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Keith Roland Arnold

Keith Arnold 2014 Congressional Candidate Washington District 8


Biography of Keith Arnold from Keith Arnold for Congress

[2012 Bio] I was born in Alorton, Illinois in the southwest part of the state. I grew up there and graduated from East St. Louis School District, the local school district there. I attended the University of Illinois and graduated with a B.S. in Accountancy.


My last job in the Alorton area was at the IRS in St. Louis,MO. I started with the IRS in 1999 during the Clinton Administration. I was proud to be in federal public service during the Clinton era. However, after the Bush mob stole the 2000 election and the White House, they destroyed public service. They made the federal government into a public disservice that only gives lip service to the public. Therefore, I had to look for an employer that was still interested in serving the public.


I wanted to stay in government and started looking at state governments for employment. The state of Washington looked like it cared about public service and treated employees well. I watched the Washington State website and any news about them for a few months and liked there treatment of the public and their employees. The federal government and economy was quickly ruined by Bush and the Republicans and was not improving. Therefore, I decided to resign from the federal government and move to Washington State and did move here in September 2004.


Now, I live in Auburn, WA. Since the Bush national mismanagement reached every state including Washington State, I had to look and wait for a job opportunity for 2 and a half years after moving here. I’ve always saved as much of my paychecks as I could. I have, also, always been able to live on a budget (even a very tight one when necessary). I lived off my savings and within a tight budget for those 2 and a half years.


In March 2007 I got a parttime job at a discount store called Dollar Tree in Washington State. At last an opportunity. Then in May 2007 I started working for the Washington State Department of Licensing. That state employment ended in 2008.


After voters kept the Republicans out of the White House and from controlling either House of Congress in the 2008 Election, I was able to start finding temporary jobs in March 2009. I had a few more temporary jobs the rest of 2009 and in early 2010.


In March 2010 I returned to federal employment under the Obama Administration. I became an accounting technician at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). I happily still work there.


I am once again proud to be in public service.


However, you and I know we can’t get a good job and think we’re safe forever. The Republicans (and Bush mob) have destroyed our country’s economy and are trying to destroy any and everything that benefits the average citizen. They must be stopped and can only be stopped by government authorities.


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