Jeff Byrd (R-NM-3)

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Jeff Byrd


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Jefferson Lee “Jeff” Byrd

Jeff Byrd 2014 Congressional Candidate New Mexico District 3


Biography of Jeff Byrd from Jefferson L. Byrd for Congress

[2012 Bio] Born in the rural town of Springer, New Mexico and raised on the values of hard work, faith in God and love of country on the small family ranch outside of Mosquero, Jeff Byrd has always considered the 3rd Congressional District home.


In addition to working the family ranch, Jeff’s father worked at the Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service office in Harding County. Jeff’s mother provided a loving, nurturing home at the ranch raising Jeff and his two siblings. Jeff went on to graduate from Mosquero High and earn an Agricultural Engineering degree from NMSU. It was at NMSU that Jeff would meet the love of his life Suzanne. Being a fiscal conservative, Jeff married his college sweetheart Suzanne on graduation day so their families could gather together to celebrate both occasions.


Jeff entered the workforce soon after graduating, ultimately becoming a project engineer at Environeering, Inc. He had hoped to become Environeering, Inc.’s statewide representative, but the unexpected death of his father to pancreatic cancer caused Jeff to change directions in his career. He needed to take his father’s place in managing the family ranch. He took a job at Navajo Refinery to continue to provide for Jeff and Suzanne’s two sons, Noah and Zack while at the same time managing the ranch part time.


The workload of the ranch demanded that Jeff manage the ranch full-time. Suzanne began teaching at the local school district while maintaining her engineering consultant firm. Like families across the district, they do what they can to make ends meet. Ranch life isn’t easy, but Jeff and Suzanne are blessed to be able to provide for their children and are blessed to live in a country that allows them to live how they want to live.


Jeff is not a career politician, but he is a father and a husband who is worried about the future of this great country. He fears that America is headed down the wrong path and that his children will not experience the same freedoms and opportunities that he has been blessed with. The people of New Mexico are hurting, and our current Congressional leadership is failing us. Jeff came to the realization that he needed to stand up and challenge the soft bigotry of low expectations.


Jeff has a plan that will turn this country back onto the path of prosperity and will work to restore the values that made this country the great hope of the world. Jeff knows the issues facing Congressional District 3 because he’s from here. He’s lived through the struggles that rural New Mexico has faced and has a plan to reduce the burdens of unwarranted regulations and a debilitating tax structure that hurts New Mexico’s small businesses.


His focus is to get New Mexicans back to work and to reform the government where it gets back to the duties the Constitution intended it to do.

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